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Welcome to Obama’s Bizarro World! Obama admin may pay Iran up to $50 billion to sign a deal already stacked in their favor

By Thomas Madison Obama mouthpiece and State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf characteristically bobbed and weaved in yesterday’s State Department press briefing, refusing to answer directly when asked by multiple reporters the substance of a report that the Obama administration may […]

Two Iranian officers captured in Yemen, confirming Saudi fear that the rebels are receiving support from Iran. Conflict bound to escalate

From Mohammed Mukhashaf, Reuters (Reuters) – Local militiamen in the Yemeni city of Aden said they captured two Iranian military officers advising Houthi rebels during fighting on Friday evening. Tehran has denied providing military support for Houthi fighters, whose advances have […]

Mullahs laughing their goat-humping asses off at Obama and his so-called negotiating skills. Mushroom cloud coming to your town soon

OBAMA’S ‘HISTORIC’ IRAN DEAL FALLS APART, AS MULLAHS REV UP HIGH-SPEED CENTRIFUGES By John Hayward, Breitbart The very thin fiction of Obama’s “historic” agreement with Iran is unraveling with amazing speed. It’s notable that the Iranians never felt any urge […]

Khamenei calls Barrack Hussein a liar. Hell, Ayatollah, I could have told you that and saved you a trip to Switzerland

By Thomas Madison Pot, meet Kettle. The chief Iranian liar, who is a big Twitter fan, claims that American president Barrack Hussein is a liar. LOL! I could have told you that, Your Ayatollahness, and saved you a trip to […]

General Salami (no joke) warns that Iran has many operatives inside the US waiting to strike. Legit or is Salami full of baloney?

By Thomas Madison Iranian General Salami (go ahead, laugh) is warning that Iran has thousands of operatives stationed inside the US awaiting orders to strike. Is Salami full of baloney or is there something to his reckless threat? Whether Salami’s […]

Count your fingers after you shake hands with an Iranian

By Thomas Madison Our crack negotiating team, led by Jane Fonda Kerry, is crowing about the historic “framework” agreement he has tentatively made with Iran, which has the Iranians dancing in the streets. Among the more curious details of Kerry’s […]

Iranian nukes and the fallacy of limiting centrifuges

By Thomas Madison The Obama “so-called” negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear program become more bizarre and more lopsided at every turn. A key point in the negotiations, thus far, has keyed on the number of centrifuges Iran will be […]

Tough negotiator Barrack Hussein agrees to drop sanctions on Iran in return for Iran going full steam ahead on nuke program. Wait a minute!

By Thomas Madison Beltway buzzword of the the week: Framework. If there were a Nobel Peace Prize for insanity, Barrack Hussein would surely be a nominee. He has built a “framework” of capitulation that would make Neville Chamberlain swoon. Ever […]

Thomas Sowell on the catastrophic blunder Barrack Obama is about to make, clearing the path for Iran to annihilate Israel, as promised

By Thomas Madison Thomas Sowell is among my favorite writers, an “intellectual’s intellectual,” as Pamela Geller contends. His unquestioned patriotism (ex-Marine) and clarity of vision are spot on regarding Barrack Hussein’s colossal failure in securing the safety of America and […]

Iran militia chief: “Erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable.” Sure, I trust these guys with nukes!

From Lazar Berman, Times of Israel The commander of the Basij militia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable,” according to an Israel Radio report Tuesday. He also threatens Saudis, saying their fate will be like […]

VIDEO: Guess who the top two recipients of US foreign aid are. I was shocked by #2

By Thomas Madison Most nations on earth are beneficiaries of US foreign aid. Some much more than others. Common knowledge. Afghanistan, whose police and military murder our soldiers, is in first place receiving $6.7 billion in 2014, about $400 for every […]

Democrats join bipartisan Congressional effort to reign in Barrack Hussein on Iran. 363 members sign letter to Obama

House writes its own Iran letter, but to Obama By Kristina Wong, The Hill A bipartisan letter on Iran signed by 360 members of Congress will be sent to President Obama on Thursday, one of its House signers said. The […]

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