Photo, above: “Support Iranians risen up against the religious dictatorship” reads the signs during a recent Iranian demonstration against the ruling mullahs

I remain amazed at the level of ignorance in America regarding developments in the Middle East.

While the American Pravda, aka the mainstream media, has been busy 24/7 hammering home the point that pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal is foolishly dangerous, toting the water of traitor Barack Hussein while using the tactic of fear to gin up grassroots support for the absolute stupidity of staying in the deal (which was a gift to a terrorist regime, not a “deal”) that saw $180 billion transferred to a ragged band of terrorists and in exchange we received continual threats of annihilation and the mantra from the Iranian leadership…. “DEATH TO AMERIA!”

The Iranian people, the REAL Iranian people have a new hero and are voicing their love and gratitude for his support.

The Twitter hashtag #ThankYouTrump is trending among the Iranian people who are revolting against the Islamic mullahs and their oppressive leadership.

The Iranian people have revolted before and were crushed while Barack Hussein stood by and watched silently (and gleefully, no doubt), not lifting a finger to help the Iranian people in their struggle to free themselves from a brutal regime that executes gays, accused (no need for proof) adultresses, and those rumored to be dissidents against the regime.

If the Iranian people can muster the courage to speak out openly and publicly as they are, how can Americans not fully support them from the safety of our (relatively) free country?

Unlike the middle finger they received from Barack Hussein, the Iranian people now know that they have a powerful ally in President Trump, and they are cheering loudly. No doubt they are organizing again and this time they WILL crush the mullahs.

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#ThankYouTrump is not the only hot new hashtag trending among Iranians. How about MIGA: #MakeIranGreatAgain….