US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell has stopped Iran from withdrawing $400 million in cash from a German bank.

Extremely well done, Mr. Ambassador. Now, kindly convince Frau Merkel and the bank to return the money to We the People in return for the first cash payment traitor Barack Hussein made to the Islamic nutjobs, which, coincidentally, was very close to that exact same amount.

For those who may not remember that treasonous transfer of American money to the Ayatollahs, clear enemies of We the People, Barack Hussein ordered the Treasury to launder $400 million in US cash into foreign currencies, then palletized and flown to Tehran to fund terrorists and build nukes to blow Israel and the United States off the map tend to the humanitarian needs of the Iranian people.

$400 million was the first cash payment, which was followed by several more cash payments totaling $1.3 billion. As far as how much was paid to Iran by Barack Hussein in total, I have seen reports of amounts as high as $150 billion, used, of course, to build nukes and fund terrorists buy milk and medicine for babies.

Just how egregious was Barack Hussein’s treason in this transfer? Even the flaming liberal, otherwise-Hussein-loving Los Angeles Times was unkind in its reporting of the treason.