Guess how many Democrats showed up in Israel for the grand opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. Shameful!

Care to venture a guess why the entire left side of the aisle was a no-show? Because they would rather drag their miserable asses through ten miles of broken glass than do anything, ANYTHING, to appear favorable of the one president in modern history who kept his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Donald Trump.

“It’s an incredible sight to see!” Israel goes all gaga for Trump as the US embassy in Jerusalem prepares to open for business

The people of two mortal enemy nations, Israel and Iran, have a mutual love for President Trump and the United States. All that stands in the way of a harmonious relationship between the two nations and across the Middle East is a handful of Islamic zealots who rule Iran with an iron fist.

30,000 Palestinians storm Israeli/Gaza border. 15 dead, over 1,000 injured. Hamas attempted to force 7-year-old girl over the fence to be shot

Over 30,000 Palestinians stormed the Israeli/Gaza border Friday to protest Israeli occupation. Fifteen have been confirmed dead, over a thousand injured.

Dimwit Andrea Mitchell gets schooled on twitter over race-baiting and anti-Semitic remark

Like all liberal weenies, Mitchell hates Israel for no particular reason, just that it is expected of all card-carrying liberal weenies as well as being a prerequisite hiring qualification for all on-air personalities at member networks of the Alphabet Network Club, aka the Democrat Communications Bureau.

President Trump announces that he is moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Predictably, Democrats go insane

We reported yesterday that President Trump would announce today that he is moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, officially recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. As expected, he made the announcement just a short while ago and Democrats have predictably gone apoplectic.

President Trump will announce on Wednesday that he is officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something no other President has done

The president told Israeli and Arab leaders of his decision Tuesday, according to The New York Times, which described the act as “a symbolically fraught move that would upend decades of American policy and upset efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Israeli family’s celebration turns into a bloody massacre as Palestinian terrorist bursts in killing three family members

The victims were celebrating the birth of a grandson when the Palestinian terrorist entered their home armed with a large knife and stabbed to death a father and his two adult children.

Has President Trump’s backing off of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem sending the wrong message to Muslims? I think so

President Trump should carry through with his proposal to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Backing off now is being received by Muslims as capitulation. Very dangerous!

Amazing video of Berkeley students supporting a guy waving an ISIS flag, but then going crazy when the same guy waves the Israeli flag

Speaking of Cal, Berkeley, the philosophical and academic center of the liberal world, and and the disgusting brain-dead products its faculty and administration are putting on the street, watch as Ami Horowitz waves the ISIS flag on campus while shouting […]

Anxious for Trump’s inauguration, Benjamin Netanyahu declares the Paris peace conference “useless” and “the last twitches of yesterday’s world”

“This conference is among the last twitches of yesterday’s world. Tomorrow’s world will be different — and it is very near,” declared Israeli Prime Minister, clearly anxious to see President Donald Trump in the White House.

VIDEO: American Jew has a message and a history lesson for the anti-Semitic UN regarding their resolution to condemn Israel

The UN’s bizarre resolution condemning Israel for allowing Jews to build homes on Israeli land is like the UN condemning the United States for allowing American citizens to build homes in Nebraska.

Hamas is demanding that facebook restore its freedom of expression, you know, like expressing themselves by committing mass murder. Not kidding!

As reported yesterday by Powdered Wig, facebook has blocked more than 100 pages affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas. Today, Hamas is demanding its right to free expression and demanding that facebook return it. No, I’m not kidding. Hamas, known […]

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas threatened Donald Trump on Friday to not cross his red line

Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, threatened Donald Trump on Friday to not cross his red line by moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

VIDEO: “If Islam conquers Israel, we will be next,” declares outspoken Dutch politician.

Israel will be a global focal point in 2017 and likely throughout the Trump administration. A speck of land the size of New Jersey, and the ancestral home of the Jews, Israel has fought for its survival since its inception […]

Aussie senator proposes punishing New Zealand for co-sponsoring UN resolution to condemn Israel

Many residents of Australia, New Zealand’s neighbor and big brother of sorts, are not happy with the UN’s anti-Semitic resolution and New Zealand’s co-sponsorship of it.

Israeli “settler” living on land John Kerry says is occupied Palestinian terrority refers to Kerry’s anti-Semitic speech as “historical ignorance”

Kerry’s speech that Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, but it cannot be both, is the first time I had heard that Judaism and democracy were mutually exclusive. Who knew?

VIDEO: The Israeli/Palestinian problem in a nutshell from Dennis Prager

H/T C. Wayne Good How can John Scary and Barack Hussein not see what is actually happening between Israel and the Palestinians? Trump sees it. It seems so simple, yet Hussein and Scary see it completely opposite than nearly all […]

VIDEO: Diamond and Silk are back and letting you know what they think of Barack Hussein, John Kerry, and their shameful assault on Israel

Diamond and Silk became an internet sensation during the Republican primary and general election, stumping for Donald Trump from their youtube channel and often in person at Trump campaign rallies.

VIDEO: There is a reason that Israel cannot return to its pre-1967 borders – it would be suicidal

I recall the look on Benjamin Netanyahu’s face when he congratulated Donald Trump for his election victory. He couldn’t conceal his joy and relief.

Barack Hussein slaps Israel in the face one last time on his way out the door. Trump, Netanyahu, and Schumer take to Twitter to blast the worst president in US history

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter to voice their condemnation of Barack Hussein for his shameful slap in the face to Israel on his way out the door.

According to our source, BBC is not reporting rocket/missile attacks by Hamas against Israel, but is reporting Israel’s retaliatory attacks

It appears the BBC has been a bit unethical in its reporting of the perpetual conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

Latest Darwin Award candidate. Muslim attempts to stab two Israelis. Oops! Israelis have guns. Muslim croaks! Never bring a knife to a gunfight!

By Thomas Madison This Muslim moron attempted to stab the wrong people. The attack was in Jerusalem. The terrorist died of his wounds. H/T Clash Daily

Awesome! Saudis give Israel use of their airspace to bomb Iran. Coalition now includes Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE.

By Thomas Madison Such hopeful news! Just as predicted months ago by Powdered Wig, Israel has joined a coalition of Arab states to combat the growing Iranian nuclear crisis. This is what has been needed for a long, long time […]

In two separate attacks in just a few days, Palestinian terrorists murder four innocent Israeli civilians. Palestinian chairman justifies the murders

By Thomas Madison Mahmoud Abbas is on dog food! After Palestinian terrorists murder four innocent Israelis, Abbas claims “the Palestinian side did not attack and did not do anything against the Israelis.” Really? So, murdering innocent people is acceptable to […]

ISIS attacks Israel with rocket assault amid power struggle with Hamas. Israel responds, attacking Hamas. The Middle East murder-go-round

Photo, above: Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in Gaza. (Image source: ISIS YouTube video) By Thomas Madison Let me get this straight. ISIS and Hamas are locked in a power struggle for Gaza. ISIS assassinates a Hamas […]

VIDEO: Will Obama abandon Israel in the UN, leaving it helpless and forced to appease Hamas terrorists? Scary! Sign the petition

From Jay Sekulow, Fox News President Obama is angry with Israeli voters for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu, and he’s willing to risk the lives and security of Israeli citizens to show it. The State Department is reportedly considering reversing the decades-long […]