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Leftist hosebags hired ARMED security for their DC march. Guess who they are marching against. The NRA, because guns are bad! Not kidding

I’m sure the folks watching as the pussyhats marched around NRA headquarters with their armed security did appreciate the hypocrisy. And that’s why we say you simply cannot make this stuff up!

Following the US Second Amendment, Czechia (formerly the Czech Republic) is adding “the right to bear arms” to its constitution

In a move to combat terrorism, Czech leaders are adding “the right to bear arms” to their constitution. Why be sitting ducks to terrorists when you can level the playing field with the stroke of a pen?

VIDEO: Huh? Masked liberal weenies with guns? How weird is that?

By the way, the brown shirts are a special touch. I am presuming their understanding of history is no better than their understanding of our Constitution.

BOOM! Congress has agreed to kill Barack Hussein’s illegal Social Security gun grab. Yuge win for our Second Amendment!

We the People and our Second Amendment scored a yuge win Wednesday when Congress agreed to kill Barack Hussein’s illegal Social Security gun grab.

Trucks are the devil! It is time to confiscate and ban them all NOW!

It is time to ban trucks! There, I said it. And don’t be fooled, any truck can kill, from an electric golf cart to a tractor trailer.

VIDEO: Liberal weenie needs a firearms class. “30 caliber clip?” Really. Never seen one of those. “30 magazine clip?” LMAO! “In half a second?” Must be a laser.

Liberal ignoramus attempts to explain a weapon he has no idea how to use. Don’t ban guns. Ban morons, I mean liberal Democrats.

HUGE win for the Second Amendment! Federal judge orders anti-gun group to pay ammo company’s legal fees after dismissing lawsuit

By Thomas Madison Yes, there is a God! First of all, in vetting this story I researched the pic that accompanied the article from my source. While the judge in the pic looked very judgely, he wasn’t Judge Richard Matsch, […]

VIDEO: Another victory for our Second Amendment! Son shoots and kills armed robber in his father’s convenience store

By Thomas Madison Even though this incident happened over a year ago, I just read about it, and want to share the good news. Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending? Here’s the storyline…. Once upon a […]

From Powdered Wig contributor, author, and talk show host, Rod Eccles: The citizen soldier is the foundation of our Second Amendment

Image, above: Want to own this awesome drawing?  Order it here from our patriot pals at…. Tactical Drawings Lawmakers, Terrorists, and Criminals Want Gun Control Because of This By Rod Eccles Back in the days of The Revolutionary War, we had […]

Trio of scumbags break into a house, take elderly couple hostage, then attempt to rape their granddaughter. Grandpa shoots all three, killing one

By Thomas Madison I love Second Amendment happy endings! The story is a year old, but if you love the Second Amendment you won’t care and will cheer the outcome. In Lumberton, South Carolina, an elderly couple was taken hostage […]

CA Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom (D) is aggressively anti-gun, yet has spent millions of taxpayer dollars for personal armed security

By Thomas Madison San Francisco’s favorite son, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, is staunchly anti-Second Amendment. That’s fine. But the hypocrisy is he surrounds himself with copious amounts personal armed security. As Mayor of San Francisco (2004 to 2011) he spent […]

Piss off your liberal friends! Tell them this: Six consecutive months of record American gun sales, according to the FBI

  From WSAV News MASON CITY, Iowa- The Federal Bureau of Investigation processed a record number of background checks in the month of October. That’s the 6th month in a row indicating that gun sales are up nationally. The FBI […]

New York lib (Michael Moore in drag) calls for infiltrating the NRA to destroy it from within…. but she will settle for a large combo pizza

By Thomas Madison Michael Moore in drag? New York liberal sow senator, Lez Kreuger, is demanding a campaign to infiltrate the NRA to destroy if from within. She made it clear that destroying the NRA is her primary goal. However, […]

Powdered Wig contributor and stone-cold patriot Rod Eccles on the Second Amendment and our God-given right to self defense

By Thomas Madison In the following article by Powdered Wig contributor Rod Eccles, Mr. Eccles speculates that “more people are killed using knives, or from medical malpractice/mistakes, drug over doses, abortion, and automobile accidents. Yet I do not see or hear anyone […]

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