Asheville, North Carolina is beautiful southern town in the mountains of western North Carolina. It is also a bastian of liberal idealogy, maybe not quite as extreme as Berkeley, California, but not far behind either.

So, how does one get elected to office in Asheville? By being a flaming liberal, that’s how.

Listen to this brain-dead Democrat, Daryl Fisher, who is running for sheriff of Buncombe County, the seat and heart of which is liberal-dominated Asheville, as he suggests killing law-abiding citizens to take their guns from their “cold, dead hands.”

“You’ve heard people say ‘you’ll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands,'” Fisher told his adoring liberal audience.

He then shrugged, and said, “OK!” declaring that in his opinion it is fine for law enforcement to kill citizens to confiscate their firearms.

So pleased with himself at his audience’s applause, Fisher continued, “Uh, whenever you pass away we’ll come get it, I don’t know. I’m saying. Joking just a little bit there.”

“Joking just a little bit?” The twitterstorm his outrageous comment inspired made it clear that very few real Americans appreciate his joke, and the fact that he admitted that he was “joking just a little bit” proves that he was serious A LOT!

I’m not sure which is worse, the fact that this moron made the statement or the fact that so many people applauded it.

The shame is this guy, running as a Democrat, has a very good chance of being the next Sheriff of Buncombe County. You may want to consider that and be sure to steer clear of that area if it happens to be along your route to a travel destination.