Tim Kennedy is a US Army Special Forces soldier who, as his occupation demands, has found himself in a variety of horrifying situations where lawless, murderous insurgents run amok, terrifying local, unarmed populations.

But for our Second Amendment, it is not unimaginable that America could just as easily devolve into such a hell. It is our ability to defend ourselves which prevents it.

In unarmed societies, violent, armed criminals join gangs. Gangs become lawless armies of terrorists which can challenge and defeat local police (Don’t take my word for it, there are hundreds of examples across the globe and throughout history to prove it). But, they can’t defeat an entire armed populace.

Kennedy is also a mixed martial arts fighter. A guy has to do something on his days off.

In the following series of six Instagram photos, Kennedy makes the most irrefutable argument you will ever see for preserving our Second Amendment.

timkennedymma This is why we need guns. Ask Hitler, Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, or the countless others… if gun control worked for them. Our forefathers did not have a glimpse into the future to know that the Second Amendment would have to protect the weapons we have today. But they did know that governments will always be overreaching. They wrote that beautiful constitution with the intent of limiting that power. We don’t need guns for hunting we need them for freedom. Until you have been in a tyrannical, socialists, or anarchist country where violence and genocide can become the norm you can’t understand why we need guns. #guncontrol #gunreformnow