Crazy Uncle Joe, poor bastard!

Of all the insane things Uncle Touchy Feely has said, this one should be immortalized on a solid gold plaque and presented to him at the next Dumbass of the Year awards banquet.

A young lady in the audience of the Today Show asked Joe Biden how the Democrat position on gun control made sense when a hero with an AR-15 who stopped Devin Kelley from killing everyone in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas saved many lives by having a gun.

Uncle Fruitloops actually said that Stephen Willeford, who saved all those lives Sunday before last, should not have been permitted to have a gun. That’s right, Uncle Batshit Crazy just advocated for every living soul in the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs to be killed rather than a sane neighbor with a firearm stopping the madman who was reloading to go back into the church and finish killing everyone there.

Remember, it was Crazy Uncle Joe who advised everyone to buy shotguns to scare off intruders….