Waaaaaaaay out there on the Left Coast, and I mean waaaaaaaaaaaaay out there, liberal weenies rule. Conservatives are as scarce as common sense in California.

The tragedy at YouTube headquarters near San Francisco has stunned many in the uber-progressive tech industry of Silicon Valley. How could that happen to them? Liberals hate guns. How could someone get close to them with a gun?

Witnesses are just now being heard from and, as expected, some reports are shocking while at least one is very telling and educational, if only liberal weenies took just a moment educate themselves as opposed to the mindless, group-think, knee-jerk reactions they are famous for.

Everyone knows it is against the law for an assailant to enter a place of business and start killing people. In fact, it is against many laws. But, let’s create more laws. Surely, those bent upon mass murder will obey the law then. And while we are at it, let’s take guns from law-abiding citizens. Yeah, that’s the ticket. That should fix everything. And a hearty kumbaya to you, good brother!

However, liberal weenies will never be able to connect the dots between an armed assailant already breaking every known gun law on the books and a victim lying cold and dead on the floor who was denied the right to self-defense. “SELF-DEFENSE” is the answer, not more gun laws that any so-motivated assailant will be happy to violate.

No, liberal weenies, blinded by kumbaya ideology, will never be able to connect those simple dots.

But, this guy did!

Watch as this eyewitness to the tragedy makes the best pro-gun quote you will hear this week…. “I didn’t have a gun on me but wish I did.”


And, how rich is the irony that a YouTube videographer would enter YouTube’s headquarters and start shooting the place up, citing as her motive YouTube’s arbitrary, control-freak manipulation of the personal accounts of YouTube videographers.

Like all liberal weenies, the powers that be at YouTube and Google (YouTube’s owner) believe they have every right to restrict any person’s freedom of speech they see fit to restrict, for any reason their leftist minds might invent.

But, don’t you dare touch Google and YouTube’s First Amendment rights. Just be sure to get out of the way while they restrict the First Amendment rights of others.

I’m not saying that the YouTube shooter’s actions were justified. They weren’t. I’m only wondering how long YouTube thought it would take before someone did something like this.

My advice to YouTube….

  1. Get out of the business of manipulating the First Amendment rights of others. If it is legal, let it post and don’t restrict it.
  2. Increase your security. You know, men (generic) with GUNS!