There is a bill in Congress, HR 5087, introduced twelve days after the Parkland school massacre, that proposes to ban semi-automatic firearms, which means practically all firearms. You may still own a bolt-action rifle, or a slingshot, or a rock, but not a real firearm to protect yourself and your family.

This ban would apply to all Americans, not just whackjob mental cases, but also the 99.9999999999999% of us who are law-abiding and interested only in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from those whackjob mental cases and a tyrannical, control freak government bent upon disarming the citizenry in its thirst for totalitarian control.

We the People must resist this tyranny. I implore you to sign the petition at and share this article everywhere to get the word out. I signed this petition to stop the bill, but we need many more signatures. It has an embarrassingly low number of signatures so far. At least 100,000 are needed, which should be easy to accomplish via viral internet networking.

The Democrats have done a very good job of keeping this bill out of the mainstream media. They prefer the back room, shove-it-down-the-people’s-throat method of passing unconstitutional legislation, and the mainstream media has been all too happy to oblige, ensuring the bill remains out of the peoples’ minds until BAM! it is passed and has reached the point of no return.

PLEASE sign the petition and share this with everyone you know, asking them to sign it also.

The following link is to the bill itself. Note the looooooooooooooong list of nearly every firearm you ever knew, all marked for banning. Link…. HR 5087.

The following link is to the petition to stop the bill….

If we don’t sign this petition, folks, the only assumption those inside the beltway can and will make is that We the People simply don’t care about our Second Amendment rights and have no objection to them being denied. Please sign at

Following is the White House’s plea to stand up and fight this egregious violation of our Constitution….

“This bill begins the slow but sure erosion of our republic! It cannot pass! Stand together and demand that President Trump protect the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States of America. Sign this petition now and let your congressmen know you will not accept or tolerate the removal of our Constitutional Rights. Stand together and vote those who support H.R. 5087out of office. #STOP HR 5087.”

By signing the petition, you will be sending a message directly to President Trump that it is not OK for Congress to steal our constitutional rights and demand that he not sign the bill.

For the futures of all of us and especially our children and grandchildren, please sign the petition and share this article everywhere to make it go viral! If we don’t fight this with all we have, we deserve what we get.