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Guess how many Democrats showed up in Israel for the grand opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. Shameful!

Care to venture a guess why the entire left side of the aisle was a no-show? Because they would rather drag their miserable asses through ten miles of broken glass than do anything, ANYTHING, to appear favorable of the one president in modern history who kept his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Donald Trump.

“It’s an incredible sight to see!” Israel goes all gaga for Trump as the US embassy in Jerusalem prepares to open for business

The people of two mortal enemy nations, Israel and Iran, have a mutual love for President Trump and the United States. All that stands in the way of a harmonious relationship between the two nations and across the Middle East is a handful of Islamic zealots who rule Iran with an iron fist.

Iranian Islamic Guard Vice-commander Hossein Salami (not kidding!), AGAIN threatens to annihilate Israel. Netanyahu says, come git’ some

“Don’t trust your airbases. They’re within reach,” said Salami, adding that “wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant.

30,000 Palestinians storm Israeli/Gaza border. 15 dead, over 1,000 injured. Hamas attempted to force 7-year-old girl over the fence to be shot

Over 30,000 Palestinians stormed the Israeli/Gaza border Friday to protest Israeli occupation. Fifteen have been confirmed dead, over a thousand injured.

Dimwit Andrea Mitchell gets schooled on twitter over race-baiting and anti-Semitic remark

Like all liberal weenies, Mitchell hates Israel for no particular reason, just that it is expected of all card-carrying liberal weenies as well as being a prerequisite hiring qualification for all on-air personalities at member networks of the Alphabet Network Club, aka the Democrat Communications Bureau.

Israel is paying illegal immigrants three years’ wages and a free airline ticket to go home. Terrible idea!

If I were a destitute African peasant in Eritrea, where the average monthly wage is $95, I would be all over Israel’s offer to give me a free $3,500, free to anyone who sneaks into the country.

VIDEO: Stunning arrogance by UN, nullifying US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Nikki Haley sets them straight. Time to flush the UN!

In a vote of 14-1, the UN resolution to nullify the US recognition was voted down by the United States, which has veto power and registered the only dissenting vote, just another indication of how out of place the US is in this body of America-haters.

President Trump will announce on Wednesday that he is officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something no other President has done

The president told Israeli and Arab leaders of his decision Tuesday, according to The New York Times, which described the act as “a symbolically fraught move that would upend decades of American policy and upset efforts to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Now, there’s the fighter I wanted to see! President Trump withdraws US from UNESCO, Israel immediately follows suit

In a tersely-worded statement, the US State Department just announced the withdrawal of the United States from UNESCO, citing its clear anti-Israel bias as its reason. Israel immediately followed suit, announcing its withdrawal from UNESCO shortly after the US announcement. 

Israeli family’s celebration turns into a bloody massacre as Palestinian terrorist bursts in killing three family members

The victims were celebrating the birth of a grandson when the Palestinian terrorist entered their home armed with a large knife and stabbed to death a father and his two adult children.

Palestinian foreign policy can be described in a single word…. “LIES!”

WE must learn to combat the Muslim strategy of lying. We cannot expect Muslims to alter their game. That would be naive and stupid, and exactly what they expect.

Has President Trump’s backing off of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem sending the wrong message to Muslims? I think so

President Trump should carry through with his proposal to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Backing off now is being received by Muslims as capitulation. Very dangerous!

Mahmoud Abbas is the latest Muslim leader to condemn terrorism, unless of course it is against Israeli Jews, which he encourages

Is Abbas lying? Nah, a Muslim would never do that, right? Or has he experienced an epiphany, suddenly recognizing the pain and horror caused to innocent people by Muslim zealot whackjobs?

BREAKING! Powdered Wig exclusive! We have retrieved the prayer President Trump left at the Western Wall….

In a Powdered Wig exclusive, we are proud to bring this historical document to the world’s attention. Presenting President Donald Trump’s Prayer, left at the Western Wall.

Israel launches missile attack on Syria. Bizarre!

This looks and smells an awful lot like Trump’s cruise missile attack on Assad’s airfield with about the same amount of evidence to support it…. ZERO!

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