Israel will be a global focal point in 2017 and likely throughout the Trump administration. A speck of land the size of New Jersey, and the ancestral home of the Jews, Israel has fought for its survival since its inception in 1948 against hostile Muslim nations which surround the tiny democracy.

The populist movement that is sweeping the globe is being led by staunch defenders of Israel, including Donald Trump and Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, who is considered a leading candidate for Prime Minister. Wilders is also the most vocal leader in Europe regarding the Muslim invasion underway there that is threatening the safety and sovereignty of every nation on the continent.

Israel’s conflict with Islam isĀ “not about land,” explains Widers, “You will not solve it by changing land. It’s about ideology…. it’s a conflict between freedom and tyranny.”

“If Islam conquers Israel, we will be next,” declares Wilders. He is absolutely right. The Muslim horde will not be happy with only the destruction of Israel. They want the entire world!