Poor Andrea Mitchell! She recently tried her hand at race-baiting and a little anti-Semitism to boot but was promptly made a fool of.

Like all liberal weenies, Mitchell hates Israel for no particular reason, just that it is expected of all card-carrying liberal weenies as well as being a prerequisite hiring qualification for all on-air personalities at member networks of the Alphabet Network Club, aka the Democrat Communications Bureau.

Mitchell found cause to whine on twitter regarding Israeli-Arab members of the Israeli Parliament who held up signs during a parliamentary session declaring “Jerusalem is the Capital of Palestine.”

The protesting members were removed from the session and parliamentary business continued as usual, but not before Mitchell could object to their ouster via twitter, indignantly asking if one could “imagine Capitol Police dragging members of the congressional black caucus off the House floor.”


Mitchell didn’t ask but Lahav was happy to school her anyway….


Reporting with lunch still in her teeth. Another example of Andrea Mitchell’s superior broadcast journalism….