Speaking of Cal, Berkeley, the philosophical and academic center of the liberal world, and and the disgusting brain-dead products its faculty and administration are putting on the street, watch as Ami Horowitz waves the ISIS flag on campus while shouting support for the “misunderstood” group and denigrating “imperialist” America. Students strolling past either ignore him or are in total agreement with him.

Then watch as Horowitz waves the Israeli flag on campus and is excoriated by budding progressive morons for supporting Israel. A few of the characteristically tolerant and loving comments the brilliant young liberals direct at Horowitz while passing by are “Fuck Israel!” and “All of Israel are killers!” and “You’re killing kids. You’re sick!” Absolutely unbelievable that these young airheads are being taught such lies at any American university. They apparently have no capacity whatsoever to think on their own.

Also, after watching the Berkeley short, check out this Ami Horowitz video Powdered Wig published a few months ago on another controversial topic, during which clueless libtards reveal what they really think of black people…. Liberals are the real racists