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Check this post from Canadian Cruz’s facebook page. He finally gets that he will not be the nominee and has endorsed Donald Trump

While it is good that Cruz finally gets it, he lost my trust and respect long ago.

A new poll suggests that Canadian Cruz will be clobbered in the Senate primary race by former gov Rick Perry

No surprise. Canadian Cruz will get clobbered in the Senate primary race by former gov Rick Perry. It appears Texans have had enough of the Canadian Rino, who they sent to Washington to represent them only to discover that as […]

Senator Dan Coats blasts Canadian Cruz: “He’s the most self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar I’ve ever seen”

Dan Coats, on Canadian Cruz…. “He’s the most self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar I’ve ever seen — and you can quote me on that.” Worse than Barack Hussein. WOW!

Canadian Cruz was denied entry to Sheldon Adelson’s suite last night after refusing to endorse Trump and being booed off the stage

Canadian Cruz suffered a self-inflicted crash and burn last night, the cause of which has been attributed to pilot error.

VIDEO: Boos for Cruz! The Canadian was booed off the stage in Cleveland last night, and rightly so

Canadian Cruz was booed off the stage last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for not endorsing the GOP candidate for president, Donald Trump.

Canadian Cruz has made his VP choice, and an awesome choice it is! Check out this email I just received from The Canadian, and my reply

By Thomas Madison Crooked Canadian Cruz didn’t lose enough last night. He is doubling down today. He made his VP choice and it is fellow perennial loser, Carly Fiorina. The Crooked Canadian sent me a swell email, describing what an […]

Canadian Cruz’s colleagues in the Senate refuse to lift a finger to help him. They have seen through the Canadian!

By Thomas Madison The challenges of Canadian Cruz are becoming legendary. Now the poor bastard can’t even get a simple protest vote in the place he was sent to by the good people of Texas – the United States Senate. […]

Maine governor, Paul LePage, slams Canadian Cruz for his underhanded dirty tricks attempting to steal Maine delegates

By Thomas Madison Sick of the slimy, underhanded maneuvering and dirty tricks of the Cruz campaign, attempting to steal delegates in his state, Maine governor, Paul LePage puts his foot down, slamming Canadian Cruz on his facebook page…. Governor LePage […]

Canadian Cruz packed the house in Philadelphia. It was standing room only. The house holds 20 people.

By Thomas Madison H/T Joey Mannarino What is more popular, a Philly cheesesteak or a Ted Cruz rally? 1,000,000 to 1, the cheesesteak wins! The “1” is Ted Cruz’s mom. Canadian Cruz is tearing it up! After his stunning New […]

So, I received this wonderful email from Count Canadian Cruz this morning. Check it out. Smells like desperation to me!

By Thomas Madison I get emails from Canadian Cruz just about daily, all begging for money. I typically delete them without opening. However I received a fine piece of work from the Canadian this morning, and would like to share […]

Canadian Cruz has many liabilities – his unproven US citizenship, his face, being an immoral cheater. But THIS is his greatest liability….

HE’S  A LIAR!!!!! By Thomas Madison “Lying Ted” has become Canadian Cruz’s nickname, except in his home state of Texas, where it is “Dildo” (read that story HERE). The Canadian can lie shamelessly, without remorse or conscience. He is good […]

This is hilarious! Canadian Cruz has a not-so-flattering nickname in his home state of Texas. You will never guess what it is….

By Thomas Madison Ted Cruz has a new nickname in the Lone Star state. Dildo! It originated when he was the Solicitor General (authoritarian parasite) of the state of Texas. From 2004 to 2008, the Canadian was fighting a case before […]

Man without a country: Ted Cruz is NOT a “natural born” US citizen. In fact, there is no proof that he is a citizen of the US at all!

By Thomas Madison Is Ted Cruz a “natural born” American? Of course not! He was born in 1970 in Canada when Canada prohibited dual citizenship (1947 to 1977). Therefor, Canadian Cruz could legally have been born a citizen of only […]

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