By Thomas Madison

This is a gem of an email I received just after the New Hampshire primary polls closed. Senor Canadian Cruz called the New Hampshire primary a “hard fought battle.”

LOL! Then he begged for money!

So sorry, Senor, but no can do. I am giving The Donald every dime I can spare for the sake of my children and grandchildren. But thanks for the email. You will always have your one delegate win in Iowa!

VOTES ARE IN: I need your help
We’re just getting started, on to South Carolina >>>



Cruz For President



I can’t thank you enough.

Because of you, we have the Washington Cartel in a panic.

So tonight, I dare Republicans across this country to make conservatism mean something again.

HERE’S THE DEAL: we are just 11 days away from the tipping point — the South Carolina primary.

That’s why, before I take off for the next primary state, I’m writing you this email to say thank you and to ask you if I can personally count on your support?

After the hard-fought battles in Iowa and New Hampshire, we’ve dug deep into our campaign accounts…and made a major dent in our political budget.

I need your IMMEDIATE support for my South Carolina GOTV fund, or I risk squandering tonight’s momentum — the momentum you and our volunteers have worked SO HARD to help me build.

Can I count on you tonight, Thomas?

South Carolina GOTV — I can spare:

   $5 »      $35 »  
  $50 »    $100 » 

 $250 »   $500 »  
We are here today because of you.

Thomas, this is our time.

It’s because of YOU that after everything the Washington Cartel threw at us and the millions spent against us by the lobbyists and my opponents, we are just getting started on the road to winning the nomination.

Will you continue your support tonight?

For liberty,

Ted Cruz