By Thomas Madison

Updated February 21, 2016

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have had ample time to have their respective eligibility issues resolved before a proper court.

So, why didn’t they?

The reason is crystal clear. They couldn’t risk being declared ineligible, and thought it much wiser to say nothing, and if challenged on the “natural born” issue to simply declare themselves eligible and move on to the next question.

There are legal challenges underway in five states regarding Canadian Cruz’s eligibility. Link…. Cruz eligibility

Even Cruz’s very own Harvard Law professor has declared Cruz ineligible. He points out that Cruz considers himself a strict “originalist” regarding our constitution, i.e., that he believes the true meaning of our constitution is the meaning it had to our founders at the time of the adoption of the constitution. Thus Canadian Cruz has been a strict originalist on all matters of the constitution, except one…. his own eligibility to serve as President of the United States. Go figure! Link…. Canadian Cruz ineligible

If Cruz believes the assaults on his eligibility have been egregious so far, just wait until he meets Hitlery in the general, should he┬ábe so fortunate (which he won’t be). She will pile drive him into the frozen Canadian tundra with the help of the mainstream media and before a now liberal-friendly Supreme Court.

The RNC is batshit crazy if they even consider nominating Canadian Cruz! Same goes for Marco Rubio. Both are ineligible, and they both understand that. They just figured they could pull a Barack Hussein.