Marco Rubio is a moron! He actually said, “there’s no evidence whatsoever” that the Trump tax cuts are helping American workers. Not kidding!

Can anyone be this stupid and actually be a sitting member of the United States Senate? I reckon so! Marco Rubio actually said that “there’s no evidence whatsoever” that the massive Trump tax cuts have helped the American worker.

The media is abuzz with Marco Rubio’s awkward attempted hug of Ivanka Trump. Rubio played along brilliantly in this twitterfest

Rubio, in self-deprecating fashion, played along with a string of hilarious tweets. However, Ivanka’s reply tweets are gems, poking the “fake news” mainstream media in the eye.

Rubio finished with politics, becoming “a private citizen.” Not attending the convention. Still hating Trump, wants Cruz or Kasich as nominee

By Thomas Madison Sounding totally defeated and dejected, Marco Rubio is hanging up his American flag lapel pin, giving up on politics altogether, and becoming a private citizen, which sounds like beltway code for “lobbyist” to me. So, what will […]

“Pretty much finished” is how the former chairman of the Florida GOP and Rubio’s mentor describes the status of Marco’s campaign

By Thomas Madison When your closest friends lose hope in your endeavor, it is time to take a long look in the mirror. Are you listening, Marco? The cold, hard reality of the inevitable is settling in at the Rubio […]

Maaaarco, you got some ‘splaining to do! Two of Rubio’s mistresses have been identified. I hope they have blue dresses.

By Thomas Madison Two women have been identified as former mistresses of GOP presidential candidate and establishment favorite, Marco Rubio. One, Amber Stoner, pictured below (center) was an employee of the Cuban Clinton when he was head honcho at the Florida […]

VIDEO: THIS is why Cruz and Rubio didn’t attempt to have a court decide their eligibility in the past. They would have been ruled ineligible!

By Thomas Madison Updated February 21, 2016 Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have had ample time to have their respective eligibility issues resolved before a proper court. So, why didn’t they? The reason is crystal clear. They couldn’t risk being […]