Karl Rove, no friend of Donald Trump, explains how Cruz stole the Iowa caucus from The Donald by lying and cheating

By Thomas Madison Welcome to Bizzaroworld, where Trump-haters like Karl Rove prove that Trump’s chief rival, Ted Cruz, is a dishonest, lying maggot. Well, yeah! Not only is Cruz a dishonest lying maggot, his supporters are foul pieces of you-know-what […]

Hilarious email I just received from Ted Cruz. I’m guessing he doesn’t read Powdered Wig. Maybe I should translate it to Canadian for him, eh?

By Thomas Madison I was reluctant to make this email I just received from Ted Cruz public, but then I thought, ‘ Heck, he has made the voting records of Iowans public, so what the hey.’ No doubt the Cruz […]

Anti-Trump Des Moines Register shows The Donald leading Cruz in Iowa on the heels of Mailergate, Cruz’s latest colossal blunder

By Thomas Madison The Des Moines Register is a leftist rag that has been anti-Donald from the beginning. In many of the early polls, they were the only polling organization to show Trump behind. All of the credible polls had […]

Brilliant! Ted Cruz floods Iowa voters with shame mail, violating their privacy rights. They turn on him in anger. Please share this!

By Thomas Madison Poor Ted Cruz, he just keeps stepping in it. Tanking in the polls since the Sarah Palin endorsement of Donald Trump, and on the heels of his miserable performance in the latest Fox News/Google GOP presidential debate, […]

This is sad. Email I received today from Senor Ted Cruz….

By Thomas Madison I received this email from Ted Cruz today, begging for $5. I was going to email back and tell Senor Cruz that I am a Trump supporter, but I didn’t have the heart. I hate to see […]

VIDEO: Meet the REAL, flip-flopping, disingenuous phony, Ted Cruz

By Thomas Madison H/T Powdered Wig reader, Juanita Bennett Ted Cruz has squandered his best opportunity to become president. He slammed Donald Trump, who had previously announced that Cruz was his first choice for veep. Since then The Donald has […]

Wow! This is outstanding! An open letter to Mark Levin regarding Levin’s support of Cruz and continuing disparagement of Donald Trump

By Thomas Madison Please read this incredibly insightful letter to Mark Levin from Lauren Stephens, a political junkie and Trump supporter. Like myself, Lauren has many things to say about Ted Cruz that are not exactly complimentary. I am including […]

Rush Limbaugh’s theory as to why the establishment Republicans are now cozying up to Donald Trump. I believe his theory is wrong

By Thomas Madison First of all, the following article comes from The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s news and commentary website. So, please take the hyperbole with a grain of salt. Beck is a Trump hater and a Cruz lover. He is […]

VIDEO: Doubling down on stupidity! Ted Cruz’s apology that is no apology at all.

By Thomas Madison Rather than walk back his stinging insult to ALL New Yorkers by apologizing, Ted Cruz has doubled down, offering an insulting apology that was no apology at all. Cruz apologized “to the millions of New Yorkers who’ve […]

Ted Cruz’s slap at New Yorkers not going over well. The Who’s Who of New York are irate over his thoughtless invective

By Thomas Madison Ted Cruz is in hot water over his thoughtless insult of New Yorkers and their “values,” which Cruz shockingly claims are driven by money and the media. What do you expect from a Canadian, right? See, I just […]

Texas attorney files lawsuit to challenge Ted Cruz’s presidential eligibility. Cruz, himself, should have had this resolved in court years ago

By Thomas Madison Donald Trump has brought up the issue of Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States, due to his Canadian birth. Trump is right in that Cruz getting the nomination could very well hurt […]

Donald Trump was recently asked about his choice for running mate. His response was predicted by Powdered Wig months ago

By Thomas Madison On Tuesday, when asked about his choice for a running mate, Donald Trump didn’t hesitate in answering. Ted Cruz. Cruz is a smart dude! When fellow presidential hopefuls Graham, Perry, Bush, and Jindal decided that their best […]

Says Ted Cruz: Trump “won’t be the republican nominee” and the “lions share” of Trump’s supporters will become Cruz supporters

Thomas Madison Well, I guess that statement about settles it. Ted Cruz is officially on dope! In an interview with Rita Cosby yesterday, Cruz claimed that Donald Trump will NOT be the Republican nominee for president. But the Cruz fantasy […]

VIDEO: Trump and Cruz announce a joint “protest” to oppose the Obama administration’s nuclear non-deal with Iran

By Thomas Madison Donald Trump and Ted Cruz announced yesterday they are planning a joint protest in Washington sometime in the next two weeks. Trump characterized it as “something very big.” The protest is planned to oppose the nuclear deal […]

Trump and Cruz meeting in New York today. I see a powerful alliance a-coming!

By Robert Costa, The Washington Post Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and real-estate mogul Donald Trump — each running for the Republican presidential nomination as anti-establishment outsiders — are cultivating an already chummy relationship at this early stage of the 2016 […]

Ted Cruz: “I am proud to stand with Donald Trump.” Smart man!

By Thomas Madison While most in the GOP presidential hopeful field are remaining silent in regard to Donald Trump’s controversial comments on illegal immigration, maintaining as much distance as possible from The Donald and his volatile cause du jour, and […]