Canadian Cruz was booed off the stage last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland for not endorsing Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for president.

As Cruz took the stage the crowd began chanting, “ENDORSE TRUMP!” As he spoke, the chant grew louder and louder, and the Canadian blathered on about freedom and unity (yeah, right) and this platitude and that anecdote, yada, yada, ad nauseam, ignoring the crowd’s request.

Then the boos started. The crooked Canadian smiled nervously, and the boos grew in number and decibel level. Chuckling as though it didn’t matter, Cruz took advantage of the free prime time air and continued his 2020 stump speech. That’s all he has left, hoping that The Donald falters as president, leaving the Canadian as the presumptive GOP nominee going into the 2020 presidential election season. Fat chance!

As the boos continued to grow, Canadian Cruz attempted to isolate the disapproval, blaming it on the New York delegation, as he declared, “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.” Cruz’s fruitless attempt to minimize the damage, suggesting that the disapproval was not universal, but limited to New Yorkers, was an epic fail!

The audience continued to boo and the Canadian continued to refuse the requested endorsement. The booing was so loud I expected to see eggs and tomatoes flying by the end of the Canadian’s non-endorsement speech.

Ted Cruz is a repulsive character, a career government parasite who has spent nearly his entire career accepting a government paycheck. He is the anti-Trump, and widely hated in Washington, even by his own party. May last night’s embarrassment be the stake in the political career of this vampire-looking freak (OK, I admit my bias. Canadian Cruz disgusts me)!

The following link is to a Powdered Wig article Donald Trump tweeted to the world in February, for which he was roundly pummeled by the likes of George Stephanopoulos and his revolting liberal colleagues across the mainstream media…. Canadian Cruz.