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Mitch McConnell and GOP elite planning a deceptive maneuver to push Obama’s amnesty, claim beltway insiders

Following is an email I received from Floyd Brown from the Center for Western Journalism ~ Thomas MadisonHouse GOP Votes To Deny Obama’s Executive Amnesty… But Senate Planning A Betrayal. They honestly believe that you are stupid… Even though the […]

John Boner must have gotten a pair for Christmas. He dissed Obama by inviting Ben Netanyahu to speak before Congress on Feb 11

By Thomas Madison In an unprecedented move, John Boehner has invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. That’s not the unprecedented part. Netanyahu has spoken before Congress twice before. The unprecedented part is that Boehner acted on his own in […]

VIDEO: For only the third time in history, members of the House recite the Constitution. Now follow it!

By Thomas Madison For only the third time in history, members (a small fraction of them, judging by the empty seats) of the House of Representatives recited the entire Constitution, starting with the Preamble by Speaker Boner. It’s good that […]

John Boner will be replaced by Trey Gowdy as Speaker if this Twitter campaign is successful

By Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society John Boehner, the artificially-tanned, slobbering, whining, ass-kissing lush who is our current Speaker of the House of Representatives may be on his last legs as Speaker if the Twitter campaign to remove him has […]