It seems every day another cinderblock is added to Hitlery Clinton’s necklace. It is amazing that this woman is still allowed to walk around a free woman. Well, she isn’t exactly walking around. She is mostly stumbling, passing out, collapsing on the street. And no wonder, she is wearing a cinderblock necklace.

Hitlery’s newest concrete bling comes in the form of yesterday’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee. Four of her former employees, all involved at some level in the private email/server train wreck, were subpoenaed to testify yesterday, but only three showed up. Bryan Pagliano skipped the festivities because, according to his attorney, Pagliano’s testimoy “furthers no legislative purpose and is a transparent effort to publicly harass and humiliate our client for unvarnished political purposes.”

Really? So, now congressional subpoenas are not worth the paper they were written on? Unfortunately, it is true and lays bare a serious flaw in our governmental system, a toothless, paper tiger Congress with no prosecutorial or enforcement authority and a chief executive who knows it and smiles at Congress while flipping them the bird.

This flaw MUST be remedied or we should simply send Congress home for lacking the authority to do its job, then officially turn the reins of our governance over to our chief executive dictator.

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Even if it takes a constitutional amendment, and I am certain it would, Congress must be given some, even if limited, prosecutorial and enforcement authority. Simply referring charges to an adversarial joke of a DOJ, which belongs to the executive branch and answers to the chief executive dictator, and which can simply ignore even the most egregious violations of law, as in Hitlery’s ongoing fiasco, makes our political system a laughing stock.

I can see how the new congressional power could be abused, so the amendment must be crafted and written carefully to preclude such abuse.

Two other members of the Three Stooges who were actually respectful enough to show up were “Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta, both employees of Platte River Networks, an outside data storage company the Clintons used to maintain their email records. (Both) invoked their Fifth Amendment rights continually and were eventually excused from the hearing.”

Then there is Justin Cooper, who, with a straight face, revealed something that is such an egregious violation of national security that I am amazed that Bill and Hill weren’t both apprehended and locked up  without bail awaiting trial.

As a longtime employee of both Clintons, Cooper had direct access to Hitlery’s private server, thus all of her emails, and the entire time he worked for both Bill and Hillary he NEVER had a security clearance. As an ex-Army officer who held a Top Secret security clearance, I can attest to the fact that national security is a very serious matter, unless, of course, you are the Clintons, in which case it is simply a joke.

Said Judge Napolitano regarding Coopers eye-opening testimony, “He was an employee of the Clinton family and of the Clinton Foundation and he had complete and total access to the Clinton emails – and he had no security clearance,” Napolitano explained to Stuart Varney on Fox News yesterday (video below).”

Senator Chuck Grassley has seen the emails the FBI uncovered, some classified, some not classified, and has asked the FBI to separate the classified from the unclassified material being secured in the Senate safe room, ostensibly so that he may release the unclassified emails.

Grassley explained that if he could reveal just the unclassified emails, “it would be earth shattering.” One more cinderblock for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

JASON CHAFFETZ: Did you have a security clearance at that time?

JUSTIN COOPER: No, I did not have a security clearance.

CHAFFETZ: When did you leave the White House?

COOPER: 2001.

CHAFFETZ: 2001, did you ever have a security clearance at any level after that?

COOPER: No, I did not have a security clearance.

CHAFFETZ: And you had full access to the whole server the entire time that you were working for the Clintons?

COOPER: Yes, I had access to the server.

Judge Napolitano argued that Cooper’s testimony was the most informative yet.

NAPOLITANO: The gentleman who testified before the House Committee this morning was the most informative we’ve heard. He was an employee of the Clinton family and of the Clinton Foundation and he had complete and total access to the Clinton emails – and he had no security clearance.

STUART VARNEY: Who told him to smash one of the cellphones? Have they got to that yet?

NAPOLITANO: He didn’t answer.

The Judge also said the truth about this whole saga might finally be revealed.

VARNEY: Are we getting really close now to full disclosure of all these emails?

NAPOLITANO: Senator Grassley – in part because of his personal tenacity and part because of his position in the Senate as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee – is oh so close to exposing for the first time in this whole saga, the truth. He has demanded of the FBI that they separate the classified from the non-classified and as of this morning, hasn’t gotten an answer from them yet. The FBI commingled classified with un-classified and put it all in the Senate safe room. Whatever is in the Senate safe room can only be viewed without a mobile device, without written materials and by signing an oath you won’t reveal what’s in there. Even though much of what’s in there is revealable which is the non-classified. From the non-classified he has said if he could reveal it, it would be earth shattering.