So, who should replace Boner as Speaker of the House? Newt Gingrich weighs in without a mention of Powdered Wig’s top choice

By Thomas Madison Newt Gingrich sees the race for next Speaker of the House being between Kevin McCarthy (CA) and Paul Ryan (WI), should Ryan decide to run. Ryan has so far announced that he will not run for the […]

Finally! John Boner resigning from Congress at the end of October under pressure from and opposition by fellow Republicans

By Thomas Madison Long overedue, crying clown and legendary DC lush John Boner has announced his resignation from Congress, effective at the end of October, amid pressure from conservative Republicans. Obviously, the Republicans had the votes to oust Boner involuntarily, […]

John Boner must have gotten a pair for Christmas. He dissed Obama by inviting Ben Netanyahu to speak before Congress on Feb 11

By Thomas Madison In an unprecedented move, John Boehner has invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress. That’s not the unprecedented part. Netanyahu has spoken before Congress twice before. The unprecedented part is that Boehner acted on his own in […]

John Boner already punishing his enemies for voting against him for Speaker

By Cristina Marcos, The Hill Multiple House Republicans are facing apparent retribution for declining to support John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) reelection as Speaker. Florida Republican Reps. Dan Webster and Richard Nugent have lost their spots on the House Rules Committee. A […]

ATTENTION, PATRIOTS! Join the effort to get Obama lover John Boner out of the Speaker’s chair

We have had enough! Enough of John Boner’s sorry orange ass, his lies, his deceit, and his Obama ass-kissing. Help remove him from the Speaker’s chair. Follow the link below to Bye-bye Boehner’s facebook event page, where you will find […]

LOL! Merry Christmas from the orange family. The Boners thanking their lucky stars!

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas. No, really! Keep those tax dollars pumping in so The One can continue to slip me mucho payola for helping him screw you! Here’s hoping you get a huge raise in 2015 so that […]

John Boner’s invitation to King Hussein to address Congress concerning the state of the union

P.S. I just bought new knee pads (the old ones were worn out), and I can’t wait to give them a try. I look forward to meeting you in our usual spot in the House Men’s Room. I love you.