Following is an email I received from Floyd Brown from the Center for Western Journalism ~ Thomas Madison
House GOP Votes To Deny Obama’s Executive Amnesty… But Senate Planning A Betrayal.

They honestly believe that you are stupid… Even though the House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill that defunds Barack Obama’s Imperial Amnesty Decree, GOP elites are working behind the scenes to ensure that the bill stays on Mitch McConnell’s desk and dies an unceremonious death.

And, in the meantime, GOP elites in Congress are advancing another bill (the ill-named Secure Our Border First Act of 2015) that they’re deceptively promoting as a “border security bill”… but don’t be fooled… this alternate bill does NOTHING to advance a secure border and actually allocates even more taxpayer money to advance amnesty. As a matter of fact, it may very well be the mother of all amnesty bills.

However… there is hope… Since this bait-and-switch plot relies upon deception… since it relies upon them believing that they’ve pulled the wool over your eyes… you can stop it from ever seeing the light of day, by making sure that our elected officials know, in no uncertain terms, that you are on to their little scheme… and to make that happen, we need to send an avalanche of Blast Faxes and phone calls to our elected officials right now.

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Yes, as much as we hate to report it. GOP elites essentially baited you with a bill that defunds Barack Obama’s Imperial Amnesty Decree and intend to switch it with a fake“border security” bill that actually funds even more amnesty.

Don’t take our word for it. Some conservatives have already taken notice of what is happening and are sounding the alarm:

- Patrick Brennan with National Review Online (NRO) writes: “About a week ago, House Republicans passed a funding bill that aimed to block President Obama’s de facto amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Already, GOP leadership wants to abandon that bill and replace it with a ‘Plan B,’ which has the unfortunate flaw of not being a plan to stop the amnesty at all.”

- Jessica Vaughan with the Center for Immigration Studies says: “They think that by putting forward a fake border security bill, that will satisfy the public and rank-and-file members of the House and dissolve any objections to the other immigration expansion bills that they want to pass… I really think they just want to make a show of passing enforcement bills.”

- Conservative icon Gary Bauer recently said: “There are disturbing reports from Capitol Hill that the so-called border security bill currently being drafted by the House Homeland Security Committee represents a step backwards.”

But this fake border security bill is much more than a “step backwards.” As a matter of fact, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

- The Daily Caller reports: “The new border bills drafted by Republican leaders require the actual removal of at least 66 miles of anti-pedestrian border fencingbetween laborers in Mexico and employers in the United States. The border bills alsorequire the construction of only 27 miles of effective double-layer fencing along the 2,000-mile border.”

- Kenneth Palinkas, the president of a union representing 12,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Service officials, says that this bait-and-switch bill “does nothing to preclude anyone in the world from turning themselves in at the U.S. border and obtaining automatic entry and federal benefits. Almost anyone at all can call themselves an asylum-seeker and get in; it’s a global joke.”

You read that right, what GOP elites are touting as a border security bill actually tears down existing fencing and only requires that 27 miles of additional fencing be built and moreover, allows just about anyone to obtain automatic entry and benefits in the United States.

Palinkas calls this betrayal a “global joke,” but we’re not laughing, and when we’re done blowing out fax machines and crashing phone lines, no one in Washington is going to be laughing either.

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Do These GOP Elites Honestly Believe They Can Get Away With It?

The short answer is yes. Far too many politicians in Washington still subscribe to the ludicrous notion that you are either stupid or that you simply aren’t paying attention to what is going on.

And they honestly believe that they can force amnesty on you if they pass an amnesty bill under the guise of border security. After all, since they don’t bother to actually read the legislation they pass, why should they believe that you bother to read the legislation that they pass.

As radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, politics in Washington D.C. is often a game of “how can we fool them again today.”

Even the left-wing website Politico was compelled to acknowledge the bait-and-switch: “Republican leaders hope to reach a deal… without making it appear to their right flank that they are caving to the White House.”

Well… this time around, they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But these GOP elites aren’t simply caving to Barack Obama… they’re not reaching a deal… they’re carrying his water.

NRO reports: “A GOP staffer familiar with the proposal tells NRO that the bill is tantamount to a slush fund for the president’s executive action on immigration: It proposes to spend $10 billion without doing anything to allow immigration officers to deport illegal immigrants.”

If the staffer referenced in the above quote from NRO is correct, that means thatGOP elites not only want to give Barack Obama all the funding he needs to implement his unconstitutional amnesty decree by allowing the defunding bill to die in the Senate… They want to give him an additional 10 billion dollars to fund even more amnesty by passing this fake border security bill in its place.

Republican elites are between a rock and a hard place. They want to accommodate the special interests with deep pockets who want amnesty but they know that patriotic Americans will scream bloody murder if they appear to push amnesty. Their solution: Pull the wool over your eyes and betray you.

Remember, they sincerely believe that this little bait-and-switch scheme will only work as long as you are fooled by the sleight of hand.

And now that we’ve caught them red-handed, the task before us is simple. If enough of us let them know that there will be hell to pay should they betray the American people, they WILL do the right thing… and that means that the future of this great nation, at this very moment, is in your hands.

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Floyd Brown