They still don’t get it!

Fareed Zakaria, the most brilliant human alive, who knows EVERYTHING (don’t take my word for it, ask him), has declared that he knows exactly why Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election in a landslide.

To a man of his superior genius, the answer is easy. The reason President Trump is in the White House today is because We the People who elected him are STUPID! That’s it! We are uneducated rednecks by Zakaria’s estimation, as well as sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic racists.

We are such a well-rounded group, wouldn’t you say? Who knew I was all that? I had no idea, and I am grateful to Fareed for imparting his divine wisdom. At least now I know who I am.

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At the beginning of the second video, below, in a rare and blessed moment of clarity, Zakaria proclaims, “We know about the economics, we know about the hollowed-out factories, and the coal mines.”

STOP, Fareed! Stop right there! You just nailed a few of the REAL reasons We the People elected Donald Trump. You had it, but then resumed embarrassing yourself on national TV. You should have continued with the REAL reasons We the People elected Donald Trump…. like a strong defense. We the People like that and Donald Trump was the only candidate promising that. Oh, and a halt to illegal immigration, which is keeping our wages low and overwhelming our social welfare system.

Oh, and a halt to illegal immigration, which is keeping our wages low and overwhelming our social welfare system. Candidate Trump promised that and is delivering it. Note that I did not say “immigration,” Fareed. I said ILLEGAL immigration! That’s what We the People don’t want. We want to stop it. Guess which candidate was all over that issue. Yep, The Donald! Likewise, an America First foreign trade policy, lower taxes, less government interference in our lives, increased prosperity, destroying ISIS, better care for our vets, etc., etc.

Those reasons do NOT sound like the reasoning of stupid people, Fareed. Maybe a look in the mirror is due.

And CNN wonders why people aren’t watching.