The dying Democrat Party continues to push the fake news narrative, while at the same time fabricating fake news and trying to sell it for fact on national television.

Watch as The Party trots out loyal liar and California Congressman Adam Schiff who tries to convince Tucker Carlson and all those watching that Vladimir Putin is the boogeyman, and he knows for a fact that Putin is behind the hacked emails that revealed what a steaming pile of lies, manipulation, and corruption the Democrat Party is.

Carlson is having none of it and bitch slaps Congressman Snowflake all over the studio, challenging him to provide the proof that Putin is behind the hacking. Obviously, he can’t. It is just fake news the Democrats are trying to shove down the throats of Mom and Pop America. At one point Representative Moonbeam accuses Carlson of “carrying water for the Kremlin.”

Two points, Moonbeam:

  1. The only people who know for certain the source of the hacks are the hackers themselves and Julian Assange who has stated on more than one occasion that the hacks did not come from Russia.
  2. Your attempt to find a boogeyman to blame your own party’s incompetence, lawlessness, corruption, and carelessness on is pathetic. Your disgraced Queen Hitlery committed many felonies while leaving her cybersecurity in the hands of rank amateurs. And you want to blame Putin?

Your sh!t is weak, Snowflake, and your party is finished. Julian Assange has awakened a sufficient number of Americans that I don’t think you Democrats will ever win another national election.

You will be OK out there in Lalaland. Your voters are either high or brain-dead, so you can shove your fake news down their throats and they will run with it hook, line, and sinker. But, trying to perpetuate your fake news on Tucker Carlson’s show only further embarrasses you and your party.