By J. J. Hall

Author, Scholar, Janitor: Mostly the Janitor! (Psalm 84:10)


(Genesis 11:4) And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

(Mark 10:44) And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.

One of the most common conflicts in our earthly existence involves the simple act of governance of human association and organizations. From government to private enterprise and even within churches, there are two competing style of leadership. One involves the central theme of an agenda that supersedes any other consideration. The other rests in sound principle of administration. This disposition seeks nothing more than to maintain order and exhibit stewardship. These individuals have a clear sense that the people and resources under supervision do not belong to the administrators.

The Bible has a lot to say about these two philosophies. The remarkable ministry of Jesus Christ, though productive and fruitful, was the clearest demonstration of administration and totally absent of an agenda driven movement. He led under God’s authority, not needing to force conformity but serving His Father by demonstrating His power and goodwill toward mankind. While we are encouraged to speak the same thing and even think the same thing, this is centered on the mind of Christ and not toward the end of cementing an ethos to reflect a leader’s inflated view of them selves. Our conformity to Christ reflects His servant hood, love for mankind and ministry of healing and reconciliation.

In sharp contrast, we have the great movements within this world’s system of domination. The unbeliever’s leadership flows from a sense of lordship and an entitlement to power. Very often this ends up in a denial of reality and a subsequent abhorrence for Christ and Christians.

The institution of politically correct speech is a necessity to enforce the group think and for all to become the ultimate “yes” person to reinforce leadership’s sense of entitlement to power. In these organizations, you cannot say no and are expected by a self imposed “divine right” to slave to your own hurt in favor of the cause. (Ah, but the leaders never hurt for anything!) Even as economic or political reality intrudes to illustrate how adherence to the corporate fallacy is failing, the priority is always to acquire the power and move the agenda forward. This characterizes every form of oppression, from the personal hell of addictive and codependent behavior, to bosses who impose unrealistic demands and regimes that are content to see their populations languish in poverty as long as they retain control. In every case there is an absence of any notion of stewardship, but relationships and resources are parlayed to create and solidify the creation of a kingdom apart from God.

In our recent election, the people of the United States have sided with the concept of administration and have rejected the Progressive Agenda. To a person, the progressives have been under compulsion to change God’s laws in favor of a vision that sets them up in His place. Americans fear God enough to know that government can never be the ultimate authority. This godly fear has graciously permeated our Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, with the misfortune of missing the mark in the perpetration of slavery in the body of the Constitution. This failure and compromise with an oppressive agenda cost us dearly. And so much so, that we have every logical argument to assert that this misstep was not remedied by a new agenda, but a return to the principle of administrative governance, hence our Civil War and the ability to amend our Constitution.

Likewise, today, we have voted to dial back some very oppressive agendas being forced upon us in favor of an administration that will provide effective leadership for our country instead of yielding the world wide fascism of international banking and the United Nations. Yes we have “progressed” from the “Square Deal” of Teddy Roosevelt to the “New Deal” of FDR. This has resulted in the “Raw Deal” of Barack Obama, where no matter what America has done, it is all wrong! In this election cycle Americans are asking Donald Trump to make our “own deal” with the world, one in which America will be first. Mr. Trump is taking this mandate with the attitude of service that is the mark of a great administrator. Making America Great Again is not an agenda, but the dispensation of the calling God has invested in this great country. We are about to witness the benefits of an able administration overcoming the consequences of the Progressive’s misguided agenda.