Note that Chris Suprun, the Texas elector who refuses to vote for Donald Trump, is represented by Megaphone Strategies, a PR firm founded by Marxist and Obama/Clinton operative Van Jones.

By Graham from Down Under


Hi from Australia,

I wish to lodge a complaint about your infamous employee, Christopher Suprun. (please forward a copy to him)
You might be wise to advise all employees and clients dealing with this employee that his behaviour and example should be treated as an indication of his loyalty and trustworthiness.
At Christopher Suprun’s LinkedIn self summary, he describes himself as:
“I am a dynamic professional who is results-oriented, team-based, and fiscally responsible. I have demonstrated both leadership and vision in over twenty years of service to the public in both government and private roles. I hold a respect for both tradition and innovation; believe that courtesy and quality are both free and essential to the marketplace of the 21st century, and that I control my attitude, concentration, and effort.
“a dynamic professional”… dynamic in terms of untrustworthy, yes, dynamic in terms of changing sides to suit himself, yes, dynamic in terms of deceptive, most certainly.
professional in terms of reliable, no, professional in terms of believable, no, professional in terms of quality service, well under the current circumstances, I think definitely, decidedly not. “Professional” in terms of honesty, no again. This man is not honest, reliable, believable, dependable. Is this what he’s like in your workplace?
“results oriented,” yes, even if the result promised compromises his responsibility to thousands of people, including by extrapolation, his employers, clients, family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours.  Yes I’ll give him an underhanded results oriented nature if you can swallow the new found likelihood he will shaft anyone and everyone he comes into contact with.
“team based,” yes well, he’s a member of the GoP, but a traitorous, treasonous, self serving member. This low life should be charged with whatever offence is applicable, then the Republican voters defrauded should launch a class action against him personally for damages, with a caveat placed on his property(s) and any shareholdings, insurances, superannuation (a 401 I think you call it Stateside) he may have in his or his family’s name.
“fiscally responsible” Hmmm, he’s fiscally responsible, yet he places himself and his employer in a position of social and corporate scandal and fulmination that could result in huge damage to his personal financial standing, to his employer’s financial standing, to the value of his employer’s customer base, to his employer’s brand and bottom line at the end of the day. No, not fiscally responsible when Christopher Seprun places his own personal hatreds and possibly (probably) his personal financial benefit ahead of thousands of voters who have placed their vote, but Christopher Seprun is going to break the law to ignore that vote and vote for a criminal candidate? Christopher Seprun sounds like a selfish, serving serving prat doesn’t he? Certainly in name and in action.
One sentence dissected. Now let’s look at the effusive, more than likely easily faulted second sentence of Hillary-like lies he’s written about himself.
“demonstrated leadership and vision,” well that’s a good one. Christopher Seprun’s demonstrated intentions are the reverse of leadership or vision. In fact as a GoP elector, I would have thought Christopher Seprun’s vision and leadership would be subservient to the will of the people. Christopher Seprun is anything but a leader or a visionary. He will take his vote away from one of the most popularly elected Presidents of the United States ever – let me inform or remind you via the graphic below – Trump 3084 counties won to Hillary’s 57!
Trump won in a landslide, and would’ve won the popular vote but for the million dead people who seem to always vote Democrat for some strange unknown reason, and the 2 million illegal immigrants who voted! Non citizens can vote in the so called doyen and home of democracy? Your employee Christopher Seprun seems to be making a mockery of democracy and the Republic of the United States of America.
in twenty years of service to the public in public and private roles,” well that’s a load of codswallop written by Christopher Suprun, was he not paid to do his job?
How about doing your job of voting as directed by your voters? If you serve the public or private as well as you are serving the voters of Texas as of now, then you should be fired and the stain of your actions follow you around any industry you may be suitable to be employed in like the mark of the plague. You have no morals. You are bankrupt morally, and indeed you will be bankrupt financially.
“I hold a respect for tradition and innovation,” well, Christopher Seprun certainly blows his respect for tradition out of the water. Total fail, totally debunked. Your employee is looking less and less trustworthy or loyal the longer we look at the tripe he has written about himself. Is he like this in real life? Is this cutting close to the bone of your experience of this excuse for a man?
Is this how Christopher Seprun performs at work, like this garbage he’s written about himself? This is embarrassing to wade through. It’s shit. Was Christopher Soprano employed on the basis of this tripe? What is he like as an employee? Is my critique of what he wrote about himself reflective of his performance in your workplace?
I’m not sure if I can focus on this tripe any more, it’s like wading through mud.
Umm, “innovation,” yes well, does your employee Christopher Seprun innovate like he has with his intention to illegally vote in defiance of the electors he represents; in your workplace? Do you have issues with this guy?
Is he a prima donna who likes to show himself off as an innovator in the workplace, against all workplace rules? Is that your Christopher Suprun? Are there consequences?
I suggest you fire the bastard before you end up the focus of a Breitbart petition or boycott of your products or services. Check out the recipients. Your company is now under scrutiny.
“believe that courtesy and quality are both free in the workplace,” more self aggrandising crap that I hope you guys didn’t employ this wet blanket for. “free?” when is anything ever free? Christopher Suprun is paid to work in your workplace, courtesy and quality are paid for as basic minimum performance points. What the ****. Sorry, this guy’s crap is getting to me.
“and that I control my attitude, concentration and effort,”  you really do have to laugh. What year did this guy leave school? Is he qualified in whatever it is that he does, or is your human resources department and employment standards as bad as this guy’s self description reads? Amazing.
I hope you employed this guy for performance and productivity guys, his attitude on display with his role as an elector for the GoP leaves just a smidgin to be desired. As for concentration, your employee Christopher Suprun doesn’t seem all that focused or concentrated on his job at hand as an elector representing the wishes of thousands of people, I humbly suggest Christopher Suprun has abrogated all loyalty and all responsibility to the voter’s direction to vote for Trump regardless of personal preferences. I’d suggest this action of your employee in declaring he will break the law to vote as he wishes is a clear indication of Christopher Seprun’s reliability, trustworthiness, responsibility, professionalism, honesty, and standing not only as an employee, but as a citizen of the Republic of the United States of America.
Christopher Suprun’s “concentration” should be towards his agreed duty don’t you think, a duty to the thousands of voters he represents.
“effort,” well it would appear that Christopher Seprun is applying all effort to his fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of all those voters who turned out to vote for their chosen candidate.
I wonder if the effort applied is gaining Christopher Supron some Democrat-George Soros-Get Up-Open Society-BLM-Hillary Clinton-Scott Foval-Bob Creamer payments, paid in small amounts over the next few years to create plausible deniability? Cash of course.
Conscience be damned Christopher Suprun, Donald Trump won against the mainstream media, won against ‘Never Trump” traitors like yourself at the top of the GOP, won against millions of dead people voting for the witch, Hillary, won against millions of illegal immigrants voting, won against bused in, paid double, triple quadruple voters from interstate. An amazing result. An absolute landslide against all odds.
At truly incredible result from an incredible effort. And look at how much has been achieved in these few short weeks since Nov 8th. An amazing effort.
Yours is on the way Christopher Suprun, thank god I don’t have to type your pusillanimous name again.
Kind regards to your employers, who hopefully will be reviewing your employment status, performance and conditions against this new-found standard you’ve set for yourself, but for everyone around you.
Your behaviour tells me you are a risk, a prima donna, and a grifter. You should be a Hillary Democrat Christopher. Get on board, they need more people like you.
But what would I know? I’m an Australian!
Good riddance to you.
Apologies for occasional point of view changes from employer to employee.