Worthless manatee Bob Beckel has been in hiding with all the other morons who guaranteed a Hitlery Clinton victory in the presidential election.

He and his blind leftist colleagues were so sure that the Wicked Witch of Benghazi was going to clobber Donald Trump, they confidently predicted a Hitlery landslide.

As reported by Newsmax,¬†Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton will win the general election this fall and will “crush” Donald Trump, says CNN political correspondent Bob Beckel, even if she has to do it from jail.

“Remind me I said this, she will crush him,” Beckel told CNN’s Don Lemon on the “CNN Tonight” show Wednesday.

Beckel added, “I mean, she can crush him from jail.”

And as for GOP front-runner Donald Trump, should he secure the nomination in Cleveland this summer?

“In the end, the best-selling Halloween mask this October will be Donald Trump’s face,” Beckel said. “You go on to a college campus and mention Donald Trump, and people flee to the woodwork.”

Watch as Beckel, a proud graduate of the Karl Rove School of Prognostication, embarrasses himself over and over on national television….