With voter fraud highly suspected in Florida and Arizona, why haven’t we fixed this? I have a short list of rules that will fix voter fraud forever

Fair and honest elections are as important to democracy as freedom itself, lest we should become Venezuela, and we know we have a problem with voter fraud. But, how big a problem is voter fraud and how easy is it to commit voter fraud? VERY easy!

100,000 non-citizens discovered on Pennsylvania voter rolls

Yet another woman voted in 2008 and 2012, had her registration canceled in 2014 because she wasn’t a citizen, then reregistered and voted in 2016, according to documents filed in court. She was registered as a Democrat.

Voter fraud? No such thing, right? Ten Democrat counties in California had more registered voters than there were adults in the county

There is a reason that the only ones screaming for no voter ID are Democrats. They couldn’t win an election without cheating.

Democrat college student sentenced to at least 100 days in prison for registering dead people to vote

A Virginia student was sentenced to a maximum of four months in prison on Monday after pleading guilty to submitting 18 false Virginia Voter registration forms.

VIDE0: CONFIRMED! Without voter fraud Barack Hussein would likely not even have made it past the primaries

Without voter fraud it is almost certain that Barack Hussein would never have been elected president. In fact, he would likely have never made it through the Democrat primary. The 2016 presidential election will be no different. In fact, it […]

VIDEO: Voter Fraud 2.0. Hitlery goons get caught AGAIN committing voter fraud in Nevada, illegally registering people to vote for Hitlery Clinton

Once you have seen these videos I encourage everyone to file a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General. His name is Adam Paul Laxalt, a Republican. You can file a complaint with his office here….