If you think Nancy Pelosi is rude and disgusting, take a look at her daughter Christine in this interview by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. The stinkfruit does not fall far from the tree.

Pelosi believes that she has been invited onto Cavuto’s show to perform a propaganda monologue, and will hardly let Cavuto get a word in. Pelosi accuses Cavuto of putting words in her mouth and suggesting that she is lying. Imagine that, a Pelosi lying.

Somehow, the Democrats believe that they are going to get enough Republican electors to change their votes by convincing them that Vladimir Putin is the boogeyman and chummy with our President-elect, as though being chummy with our President is a bad thing. The warm relationship between Reagan and Gorbachev sure worked well. This looks like the death throes of a dying political party clinging to its last hope for survival.