Liberal whiny babies, you may want to retreat to your safe space to read these FACTS regarding the election you just lost miserably

It is getting closer to Inauguration Day, my liberal friends, and while you are searching for just the right bridge to jump from I would like to present you with an early Christmas gift.

BREAKING! Jill Stein’s exercise in stupidity is foundering. Michigan AG asking state Supreme Court to halt the recount “before it begins”

Jill Stein’s last-minute (by design) maneuver to demand a recount in three crucial battleground states is not warranted as she is not an “aggrieved” party.

Jill Stein’s own Green Party is disowning her for fronting Hitlery’s latest ploy to steal the election

It ain’t gonna’ work! Stein’s own Green Party is now disowning her, condemning her shameless ploy to aid in manipulating an election and dragging the Green Party through the cesspool with her.

Democrat hopes for a recount dwindling. However….

Clinging to the last vestiges of life, the Stein-Clinton effort is fighting what appears to be a hopeless battle. Michigan certified their election results yesterday, and Jill Stein missed the recount deadline in Pennsylania.

VIDEO: Liberal losers are threatening electors with assassination if they do not change their vote to Hitlery on December 19

While claiming the mantle of love, understanding, tolerance, and peace, they are doing all they can to change the results of the presidential election, even threatening to assassinate electors.

VIDEO: How to steal an election, play #7,453 in the Democrat Election Playbook, otherwise known as the “end-around double reverse”

The opposing Republican team, having prevailed in what would normally be a blowout, scoring 14 touchdowns to the Democrats zero, have found themselves winning by only three points

Hitlery is being urged to challenge election results in three key states. If they can pull off enough hocus pocus, who knows?

Hitlery Clinton may not be finished yet. She is being urged by a group computer and election experts to challenge the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The argument the whiny Trump protesters are clinging to is Hitlery winning the popular vote. No, she didn’t. Here is why

Over 3 million illegal aliens voted, in addition to 4 million dead people still being on the voter rolls, and we all know who illegal aliens and dead people vote for, right?

Reuters poll: Hitlery campaign has imploded over past 4 days, nosediving 8 points, as Trump gained 5 points, a 13-point swing. So, Reuters deleted the data, but we have it!

The REALLY good news is Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been trending in the opposite direction, sharply upward, from 37.1 percent on November 4 to 42 percent on November 7.

VIDEO: Christians worldwide are praying for America and a Trump victory, understanding that Hitlery Clinton is evil personified

Watch this video from Jerasulem where Americans took the stage to pray for America and a victory of good over evil, Trump over Clinton, and were joined by people from all over the world.

VIDEO: BOOM! Donald Trump polling margin continues to grow, now 95% probability of a Trump victory

Among those with household incomes over $35k, just about everyone, Trump leads by 15.9%. Among whites, which make up 77% of the electorate, Trump leads by 26%.

Awesome! USC/Dornsife poll: Trump’s lead is growing, his trajectory heading north. Hitlery’s trajectory tracking due south!

Over the past few days Hitlery’s trajectory has been hellward bound, while Donald Trump’s trajectory has been decidedly skyward.

Bad news for Republicans. International election “observer” group sending an unprecedented number of observers to monitor and report on our election

An international poll-watching group, The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, or OSCE, is planning to send a large number of “observers” to monitor US election.

In early voting, machines in Texas are already changing Trump votes to Hitlery votes, and the votes can’t be changed back

There is no question that cheating is not beneath the Democrat Party. In fact, there has been ample evidence over the past few months that they are doing a lot of it and are actually proud of it.

Knockin’ ’em dead! Tim Kaine draws 30 whole people at a Florida rally

Check out this Tim Kaine rally in Florida, where a reported 30 people showed up, which is typically the number of people who show up at a roadside van offering free rectal exams.