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VIDEO: Jason Chaffetz says “it is time for the Attorney General to go.” Come on, Mr. President, tell Jeff it’s been real and put Gowdy in that chair

Sessions abandoned his boss early by recusing himself and giving an underling (Rosenstein, who should have been the one recusing himself) the power and authority to hire a hit man (Mueller, who should have also recused himself) to take President Trump down with his army of Trump-hating investigators.

DOJ demands sanctuary cities provide proof of compliance with federal law. Their response? Insults. I have a solution!

Following is a letter from DOJ to known sanctuary cities and the entire sanctuary states of California, Illinois, and Oregon, demanding proof of compliance with federal immigration law, i.e., notifying federal immigration authorities when they have an illegal immigrant in their custody

BAD NEWS for Hitlery! The J word (JAIL!) could be in her future as early as June as DOJ opens a new investigation into her private server/classified emails

Expect an unbiased, honest investigation this time as it will not be headed by James Comey and the entire country will be watching the proceeding that will be analyzed and picked apart on a daily basis.

House Republicans have been meeting “secretly for weeks” to build a criminal case against “senior leaders” in the FBI and DOJ. Take our poll

Among the more distressing revelations resulting from the Mueller witch hunt thus far is the fact that our FBI and its boss, the Department of Justice, are corrupt as hell, likely to the point of criminal acts! 

Now a group of Republican members of Congress means to do something about it.

President Trump and Jeff Sessions are demanding custody of Kate Steinle’s killer, acquitted of murder in a California court

Sick of the injustice of California’s make-believe court system, President Trump and Jeff Sessions aim to take custody of the illegal immigrant who murdered Kate Steinle.

More legal pundits are adding their voices to the call for firing Jeff Sessions and investigating the Clintons, including Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett

The Clintons could be indicted on public knowledge, what is in the newspapers every day. Yet, Jeff Sessions does not see enough evidence to appoint a special counsel to look into the many steaming piles of corruption surrounding the Clintons? Really?

President Trump is waaaaay disappointed in Jeff Sessions and DOJ. Me too! I have a suggestion, Mr. President….

The Clintons have been involved in some very shady activity, far worse than election tampering, like Uranium One, which is treasonous and should be investigated thoroughly by Sessions and DOJ, which has done NOTHING about the many crimes of the Clintons, et al.

Jeff Sessions has sent sanctuary cities a final notice to comply with federal law by October 27. One very glaring omission from the list

The Justice Department has issued a final warning to five of the 10 jurisdictions it accused of having “sanctuary” policies that defy federal immigration laws, saying they have until Oct. 27 to submit additional evidence proving compliance or risk losing grant money.

VIDEO: Hitlery Clinton has been offered a plea bargain by DOJ. No way! This woman is guilty of far too much!

I can’t believe she is being offered anything. She is guilty of so much. If ever there was a criminal who should have the book thrown at them, that would be Hitlery Clinton!

BREAKING! Collusion revealed between media and DOJ to kill the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting story. Mainstream media not interested

We are truly living in Bizarroworld. While the mainstream media screams for more anythingburger on the Russian fairy tale, a story is developing of REAL collusion between the Department of Justice and the mainstream media to kill, or at least suppress, the potentially very illegal meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix.

Jeff Sessions’ days appear to be numbered at DOJ as President Trump blasts him for his recusal which led to the appointment of Robert Mueller

A very wimpy move of Attorney Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from cases involving his boss, President Trump, when the President needs him more than ever. It was also incredibly disloyal.

Veselnitskaya is chummy with Trump-haters, even marched at Trump protests. So, was she really trying to help Trump campaign? Sure she was!

I hope Jeff Sessions is all over this. I don’t think it would be very difficult to get to the truth. We know who the players are. Now, we just have to find out who sent them, as if it isn’t obvious!

President Trump’s attorney is filing a DOJ complaint Monday against James Comey

James Comey’s ass is grass and President Trump is a lawnmower!

DOJ petitions Supreme Court to overrule partisan political injunctions prohibiting President Trump’s travel ban

DOJ petitioned the US Supreme Court on Thursday to step in and reinstate President Trump’s extreme vetting policy, which was blocked by injunction by three federal judges.

Still chasing the Trump/Russia fake news fairy tale, Democrats pressure DOJ to appoint special investigator. Here he is

So, why investigate again? I have no idea! The GOP agreed to it. Why? To finally shut the Democrats up? They should know better than that. The Democrats are never going to shut up.

Antifa thug pleads guilty to felony charges for Inauguration day rioting. Faces 1 to 3 years

You cannot do what you want when it involves injuring others. I thought that was already understood by everyone. I guess liberals thought they were exempted from pesky things like laws.

BOOM! Nine sanctuary cities advised that their federal funding will be cut if they continue to thwart federal immigration law

As promised, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are going after sanctuary cities, advising nine of the worst offenders that non-compliance with federal law will see their federal funding cut.

Republicans are asking Jeff Sessions to go after Lois Lerner for targeting conservative groups

Jeff Sessions is going to be one busy man for the next four years with all of the investigations and prosecutions that should have been done by the Barack Hussein administration that were never done.

President Trump and DOJ are fast-tracking deportations, deploying 50 judges to immigration detention centers, where they will adjudicate deportations 16 hours a day

President Trump and his Department of Justice have deployed 50 federal judges to immigration detention facilities across the United States to expedite the massive backlog of over 500,000 deportation cases.

YOU’RE FIRED! Jeff Sessions is cleaning house, firing 46 Obama-appointed US Attorneys

So, what to do with these parasites? FIRE THEM! That is exactly what Jeff Sessions did this afternoon, a mass firing of 46 US Attorneys, all of them appointed by Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: The Obama admin funneled billions of dollars to liberal activist organizations through a DOJ slush fund

Every day another scandal bordering on criminality is uncovered involving Barack Hussein and the Democrat Party, making Hussein’s administration look even scummier than anyone imagined.

President Trump fired acting Attorney-General Yates after she ordered DOJ lawyers to stop defending his immigration ban.

Case in point, his acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who was actually stupid enough to order her department to defy President Trump’s entry ban. So The Donald fired her before she could say “WTF!”

VIDEO: THIS is the sort of corruption that is ruining America and why Donald Trump was hired to drain the swamp!

Peter Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General to the United States. He is also lifelong pals of the people he is charged with investigating, John Podesta and Hitlery Clinton.

BREAKING! The FBI has just announced that there will be no charges recommended against Hitlery. The Wicked Witch of Benghazi skates again!

The Wicked Witch of Beghazi walks away from her private email/server scandal untouched. The FBI just announced, “no charges.” If you or I did what Hitlery did, we would, without question, spend the rest of our lives in prison!

The latest egregious overreach by Barack Hussein. DOJ launches full-out assault on gender-specific bathrooms nationwide

By Thomas Madison When does the Barack Hussein insanity stop? January 20, 2017? I certainly hope so. If Hitlery or the Bern are elected, you can scratch that and count on more of the same. In a stunning unilateral and […]

Fox’s Catherine Herridge: FBI/DOJ are “SUPER PISSED OFF” over WH statement that Hitlery is not a target of the classified email investigation

By Thomas Madison Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on Friday regarding the Hitlery Clinton classified email scandal. As reported by Herridge, in a televised exchange between Fox White House correspondent, Kevin Corke, and Barack Hussein […]

FBI recommending indictment of Hitlery, says former US attorney Joe DiGenova. Hitlery should be in a cage, not running for president!

By Thomas Madison Finally! Hitlery’s ass appears to be grass! In no uncertain terms former US attorney Joe DiGenova reports that the FBI will most certainly refer charges against Hitlery Clinton to DOJ. If DOJ refuses to indict, all hell […]

DOJ shifting priorities from ISIS as the most serious national security threat to domestic “anti-government groups.” Translation: “Patriots,” like you and I!

From WDSU WASHINGTON (CNN) —Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday. To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation […]

Laughing all the way to the pen. The server Hillary turned over to DOJ is blank, as empty as her soul

By Thomas Madison So, Hillary turns over an empty email server.  What a shock, right? That, alone, should be obstruction of justice, which carries a sentence of 20 years. In fact, she should receive the same charge, conviction, and sentence […]

Barack Hussein unveils his plan for federal takeover of state and local police departments

By Thomas Madison Does anyone trust the Obama administration to be fair and just? Only the naive and ignorant would come to that conclusion. Barack Hussein has shown enough of his racial bias to conclude that any takeover of policing by […]