VIDEO: Fake News MSNBC blames Afghan robotics team visa denial on President Trump’s travel ban, except Afghanistan is not on the travel ban list

Here you go, Katy. These are the countries from which immigrants to the United States are banned. Hint: the red ones. It took me all of 7 seconds to find this on Google.

Hawaii judge doubles down, tinkering with President Trump’s travel ban again, usurping both presidential and Supreme Court authority

Since the Supreme Court has upheld the President’s travel ban, Judge Watson has decided to also usurp the Supreme Court’s authority and issue his own exceptions to the ban.

After blasting President Trump for his travel ban, George Clueless (aka Clooney) is leaving England for the US. Why? Safety from Muslim terrorism

With England being the target of many Muslim terrorist attacks over the past several months, the Clueless family is now hightailing it for the safety and security of their home in the United States.

Despite Supreme Court ruling, lower courts continue to block President Trump’s immigration policy

Until President Trump begins ignoring the Obama-appointed lower court judges’ rulings to block his agenda for partisan political reasons he will get little done, which is the goal of the leftists.

Supreme Court reinstates President Trump’s Muslim travel ban!

Returning the federal judicial branch to sanity, The Supreme Court overturned existing lower court rulings outlawing President Trump’s ban of refugees from six predominately Muslim countries.

DOJ petitions Supreme Court to overrule partisan political injunctions prohibiting President Trump’s travel ban

DOJ petitioned the US Supreme Court on Thursday to step in and reinstate President Trump’s extreme vetting policy, which was blocked by injunction by three federal judges.

One federal judge with common sense refuses to block President Trump’s travel ban

It is good to see that at least one federal judge sees the political ruse for what it is and has declared that President Trump has every right and all the necessary authority to order such a ban.

Remember the judge who blocked President Trump’s travel ban last week? Guess who he had dinner with the night before

Federal judges who have blocked President Trump’s travel ban have absolutely no reasonable argument to justify their overreaching decisions. Therefore, they should all be impeached… IMMEDIATELY!

Congressional leaders are warning judges they are overreaching in blocking travel ban

President Trump’s travel ban is proper, there is much precedent for it, and the judges who have ruled to block it are jeopardizing their careers. In fact, I believe impeachment proceedings should begin immediately.

A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked President Trump’s newest travel ban order

Crashing jetliners into skyscrapers and beheading innocent people are NOT First Amendment rights! This is a national security issue, not a time for politically correct theater.

Thanks to Chuck Schumer, Trump’s travel ban was lifted for Muslim athlete. Within days he was arrested for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl

Democrats, led by Schumer, were convinced they had done the right and honorable thing, except their poke in the President’s eye wasn’t such a right and honorable thing for a certain 12-year-old girl.