DOJ demands sanctuary cities provide proof of compliance with federal law. Their response? Insults. I have a solution!

Following is a letter from DOJ to known sanctuary cities and the entire sanctuary states of California, Illinois, and Oregon, demanding proof of compliance with federal immigration law, i.e., notifying federal immigration authorities when they have an illegal immigrant in their custody

Lock ’em up! Director of Homeland Security has asked federal prosecutors to lodge criminal charges against leaders of sanctuary cities

What happens when anyone violates federal law? They are arrested, indicted, and tried, and if found guilty, potentially sent to prison. How are the mayors of sanctuary cities any different? They aren’t. They must obey federal law like everyone else.

Jeff Sessions has sent sanctuary cities a final notice to comply with federal law by October 27. One very glaring omission from the list

The Justice Department has issued a final warning to five of the 10 jurisdictions it accused of having “sanctuary” policies that defy federal immigration laws, saying they have until Oct. 27 to submit additional evidence proving compliance or risk losing grant money.

California sanctuary city police release illegal alien who then murders his girlfriend

Where else but California would you expect to hear about something so tragic as the death of an innocent person due to sanctuary cities violating federal law? Again, an innocent person has been killed by an illegal immigrant criminal due to a sanctuary city’s refusal to obey the law. 

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is suing DOJ for defunding sanctuary cities. Jeff Sessions’ tough response: “comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars

Jeff Sessions is offering Emanuel a tough ultimatum in response: “Comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars.” Concise, simple, and to the point. Bravo, Jeff!

Phoenix dropped its sanctuary city status in 2008 and began enforcing federal immigration law. What happened? Crime dropped dramatically

What happens when former sanctuary cities begin enforcing federal immigration law and cooperating with federal authorities to deport illegal immigrant criminals?

The partisan hack, I mean judge, who usurped President Trump’s authority, bundled $200K for Barack Hussein

William Orrick is not a judge. He is a partisan political hack. Judges are impartial and objective. So partisan is William Orrick that he bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for Barack Hussein.

BREAKING! San Francisco judge (go figure) just ruled President Trump’s defunding of sanctuary cities unconstitutional

I would like for Judge Orrick to provide the exact language in our Constitution that permits cities within the United States to violate federal law.

BOOM! Nine sanctuary cities advised that their federal funding will be cut if they continue to thwart federal immigration law

As promised, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are going after sanctuary cities, advising nine of the worst offenders that non-compliance with federal law will see their federal funding cut.

The list of sanctuary jurisdictions which are violating federal law has ballooned to nearly 500

I believe they are in for an even bigger surprise. The first sanctuary jurisdiction whose police release an illegal alien without notifying federal authorities, which has already happened by the way.