H/T Sandy Tabor
Peter Kadzik is the Assistant Attorney General to the United States. He is also lifelong pals of the people he is charged with investigating, John Podesta and Hitlery Clinton.

Kadzik is the government prosecutor investigating the tens of thousands of emails that were found on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. What could go wrong, right?

During the Lewinsky affair John Podesta tried to find Monica Lewinsky a job with the UN Ambassador to get her out of the spotlight and keep her quiet. Kadzik was Podesta’s defense attorney. The two have been close friends since college at Georgetown. Podesta declared that Kadzik is “a fantastic lawyer who kept me out of jail.”

THIS is the quid pro quo type of corruption that has plagued America for decades, and it is just one of the reasons that Donald Trump was hired. “Drain the swamp!”