BREAKING! The FBI has just announced that there will be no charges recommended against Hitlery. The Wicked Witch of Benghazi skates again!

FBI Director James Comey has announced that no charges will be recommended against Hitlery Clinton, who used a personal server in her position of Secretary of State, clearly violating federal regulations.

I find it very difficult to believe that of the hundreds, probably thousands, of classified emails that Hitlery sent from her private unsecure server, that no charges have been recommended.

General David Petraeus was charged and convicted for committing a tiny fraction of Hitlery’s obvious crimes.

I can only hope and pray that Comey, Gowdy, and Trump have a bigger plan in store, and that this decision was to allow that plan to take place.

Consider this…. The GOP powers that be, in this case Comey, Gowdy, and Trump, may be playing it cool. Their refusal to refer charges at this point may be because they know if they do get the indictment from DOJ, there may be a rushed trial. Even if Hitlery is convicted, DOJ will ensure that that conviction happens before January 20, 2017, when Barack Hussein will still be able to pardon the wicked bitch.

Then Hitlery can’t be charged again under the “double jeopardy” clause of the Fifth Amendment. Isn’t it funny how liberals benefit from our Constitution while ignoring it and disparaging that same document when it doesn’t benefit them or their cause du jour?

Let me answer that…. NO! It isn’t funny!

Now, if the GOP sees a clear path to beating Hitlery in the general election and gaining the White House, then FBI Director Comey will have a new Attorney General, Trey Gowdy (presuming Gowdy accepts the position), and a new president, Donald J. Trump, who will waste no time nailing the Wicked Witch of Benghazi to the wall!

That’s my dream, and I’m sticking to it!

It just became even more important to elect Donald Trump.

In an earlier article, I recommended that all Americans consider developing a Plan B in the event the traitors Democrats can lie and cheat enough to get Hitlery elected. If that happens then America is finished. Hitlery will complete the job of destroying the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

There are other liberty-loving countries populated by warm and friendly people, where the cost of living is a fraction of the American cost of living. You can read that article here…. Plan B

From Fox News

FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday he will not recommend the Department of Justice seek criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her personal email use while secretary of state.

The decision helps remove what was arguably the biggest threat to her presidential campaign going forward – a criminal referral that could have led to an indictment – just weeks before her party’s national convention in Philadelphia where she is set to seal her nomination as the Democrat standard bearer.

Clinton consistently had downplayed the FBI investigation, even calling it a “security review,” and as recently as June 3 said there was “absolutely no possibility” she’d be indicted. Weeks ago, a scathing State Department inspector general report directly countered her long-running claim that her personal email use was allowed, though her campaign continued to defend the candidate’s actions.

In the wake of that report, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump stepped up his criticism of her email actions and said she belongs in “jail.”

Read more at Fox News….

Ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot, Thomas Madison is on a mission to contribute in any and every way to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution, that divinely-inspired, concise, intentionally and specifically broad (wrap your head around that oxymoron) blueprint which has gifted the world with the concept and realization of individual liberty and unlimited prosperity. We, as a nation, have lost our way. We have spent the past one-hundred years attempting to fix what was never broken. As with building anything, when you can't figure it out, consult the blueprint. So too with rebuilding America, the blueprint for which is the United States Constitution.

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