By Thomas Madison

Barrack Hussein took the opportunity in Panama this week to practically suck face with another communist dictator, and to once again declare to the world what a piece of crap America is.

Said The One: “There Are Dark Chapters in Our Own History,” suggesting that America is no better than North Korea or Iran in terms of human rights violations. Barrack is obviously playing the tired race card once again with his veiled reference to slavery and what he perceives to be persistent white abuse of the black man. Give it a break, Hussein. I don’t think even blacks are listening to you anymore.

What King Hussein failed to mention is that while brutal dictatorships, like Cuba, whose president Obama was practically locking lips with, continue to this day their vicious human rights violations, our own “dark chapter” is behind us. 500,000 Americans gave their lives for that. Or at least that’s the myth. The Civil War was actually fought over the South’s tariff money, without which Lincoln could not fund government operations. But that’s an article for another day.

Excusing the brutal human rights violations of totalitarian dictatorships like Cuba by trashing your own country makes you look small and stupid, Hussein. I believe that is why those around you are smiling. They think you’re an idiot!

H/T Red Flag News