From Steven Ahle, Red Statements

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen is not amused.  The man who served Obama with an injunction preventing his illegal amnesty plans to see that Obama is not amused either.  He has ordered that the administration be investigated over misleading him on amnesty and work permits for “Dreamers.”  The administration told the judge they wouldn’t issue anymore work permits for new dreamers, when the fact is they have issued over 100,000 of them.  The investigation will include a finding of whether the lawyers who handled the case for Obama knew of the illegal maneuver.  If so, they will face disbarment or worse.

This has even more impact on the Obama administration than they are used to.  Obama has been waiting for the judge’s final opinion, so he can appeal.  They appealed to Judge Hanen and he turned them down and the appeals court says they can’t handle an appeal until after Hanen gives his final ruling.  That was scheduled to happen by March 19th, but with the investigation that date is pushed out indefinitely.  It is assumed that the investigation will also include investigating why the administration has kept spending money on moving Obamnesty forward.

Obama is realizing his worst nightmare, a man with guts and the courage of his convictions and probably one the NSA or IRS can’t find anything to use to blackmail him with.  Obama and his minions have not been able shake Hanen despite their withering fire.

The second problem facing Obama is that when a decision is reached, he can’t judge shop.  Former attorney general and current Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott had the foresight to file the suit within the boundaries of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  It is the most conservative of the 9 appeals courts.  Assuming that the Fifth Circuit Court denies Obama’s appeal, the case would then go before the US Supreme Court.

Obama’s record with the Supreme Court is very bad, not withstanding the Obamacare decision.  9-0 decisions are fairly rare because of the ideology of the justices.  What many of you may not realize is that Obama has now lost 20 SCOTUS cases by 9-0.  That means 20 times Kagan and Sotomayer, who were appointed by Obama voted against his overreach of power.

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