VIDEO: Jon Voight laying down some truth on Obama and his anti-Israel everything

By Thomas Madison Probably better known as the father of Angelina Jolie than being an accomplished, Oscar-winning actor himself, Jon Voight is also a staunch conservative and patriot. In this video he slams Obama for being the Israel-hating incompetent that […]

Here come da’ judge! Wow! Judge Hanen is REALLY pissed now! Orders Obama’s legal team to appear before him to explain their lies

BREAKING: What The Judge Who Blocked Amnesty Order Just Did Could Blow Up Obama’s Plan This could expose a big lie told to the court… From Norvell Rose, Western Journalism The federal judge in Texas who blocked President Obama’s executive […]

Here come da’ judge! Awesome! Judge Hanen just ordered an investigation into Obama’s illegal activities

From Steven Ahle, Red Statements U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen is not amused.  The man who served Obama with an injunction preventing his illegal amnesty plans to see that Obama is not amused either.  He has ordered that the administration […]

VIDEO: LOL! BACK TO THE FUTURE! Obama claims Selma, 1965, was the inspiration for his conception in 1960. Cool! Wait a minute!

By Thomas Madison Barrack Hussein Obama. Behind the sickening, disingenuous, patronizing, fake southern accent is a born, compulsive liar. Said Barrack Hussein to a cheering (though apparently math-challenged) crowd in 2007 in Selma, Alabama: “This young man named Barack Obama got […]

King Hussein to America: I am the law! Try to stop me!

From Investors Business Daily Rule Of Law: First, the president issues unlawful executive orders giving illegal immigrants amnesty. Then, he dares an equal branch of government to vote on his orders’ legality so he can veto it. Is he establishing […]

VIDEO: LMAO! With a straight face Obama court jester, Josh Earnest, claims that Obama has strengthened relations with Israel

By Thomas Madison OK, what is Josh Earnest smoking? He claims multiple times in a White House press brief that The One has actually strengthened US relations with Israel. And he doses it with a straight face! To say that […]

Benjamin Netanyahu is right. Barrack Hussein is wrong!

By Quinn Hillyer, National Review Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us While under fierce attack from President Obama, the Israeli prime minister defends Western values and speaks the truth about Iran. The leader of the free world will be addressing […]

Obama vowed to shoot down Israeli planes attacking Iran in 2014, according to Middle East sources

From Mark Langfan, Arutz Sheva The Bethlehem-based news agency Ma’an has cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report Saturday, that US President Barack Obama thwarted an Israelimilitary attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets before they could […]

Barrack Hussein is still furious over Netanyahu address before Congress. Get a life, Barrack. You are embarrassing yourself!

By Michael Goodwin, New York Post Thou shall not cross Dear Leader. With their guttersniping failing to stop Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned March speech before Congress, White House aides are unloading their full arsenal of bile. “He spat in […]

Joe Arpaio and his attorney have filed in federal court to pursue Obama for defying the court’s order to halt executive amnesty

By F Peter Brown, Western Journalism An attorney for Sheriff Joe Arpaio made a filing with the federal judge who ordered the halting of President Obama’s executive amnesty, asking that a hearing be held on Obama’s refusal to comply with […]

VIDEO: Charles Krauthammer believes that Obama is simply delusional in his refusal to recognize Daesh (ISIS) as a security threat. Really?

By Thomas Madison Charles Krauthammer has weighed in on why Barrack Obama is refusing to recognize Daesh (ISIS) as the critical threat to American security and interests that it is, which is clearly obvious to the rest of the world. […]

Clarity of vision is a beautiful thing. Bethany Blankley gets it: “Obama Is Not Just Unfit As Commander In Chief — He’s Guilty Of Treason

Barack Hussein Obama Is Not Just Unfit As Commander In Chief — He’s Guilty Of Treason It is time for Americans to reject the status quo as inevitable, stand for what is right, and end such nonsense. By Bethany Blankley, […]

VIDEO: “There will be consequences,” says Barrack Hussein, if federal ICE agents disobey his unconstitutional amnesty executive orders

By Thomas Madison At a meeting this week in Miami, sponsored by MSNBC and Telemundo, Barrack Hussein promised that “there will be consequences” for federal ICE agents who disobey his unlawful amnesty orders, which have already been shot down by […]

I reckon community organizers don’t get a lot of history instruction. Here you go, Barrack, the difference between Muslim conquest and the Crusades

And furthermore, Barrack Hussein, the Crusades were a reaction to Muslim invasion and conquest, which were nothing more than unsolicited attacks on believers of any faith but Islam (see infidels). H/T Clash Daily

Does Obama love America? If you are honest and informed, at this point the answer should be obvious – he has never even liked America!

By Thomas Madison In the following video, can you tell which “man of the cloth” was Barrack Obama’s pastor…. not for a brief period until Obama realized he was an America-hating, racist zealot, but for SEVENTEEN YEARS! Barrack Hussein apparently […]

Barrack Hussein’s fake nuclear negotiation with Iran is seriously jeopardizing global security, especially Israeli and American security

From Pamela Geller Obama’s submission to Iran is worse than we imagined. It means war. A war of unimaginable proportions. This deal is not a gamechanger, it’s a worldchanger. It is no wonder that Obama is hellbent on stopping Prime […]

Nothing wrong with Iran, folks, claims Barrack Hussein. We can trust them. Nukes are “contrary to their faith.” No worries. WHAT?!!!!

Obama takes a stupid pill: Don’t be afraid of Iran, Nukes are ‘contrary to their faith’ By Michael Dorstewitz, BizPacReview At a Monday news conference in the White House with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Barack Obama said we […]

Amnesty supporters are preparing for complete defeat of Obama’s unconstitutional immigration unpolicy in US District Court

Activists prepare for the worst in lawsuit to block immigration actions By Amanda Sakuma, MSNBC Prominent immigration advocates have all but conceded that federal judge Andrew Hanen – a staunch critic of the Obama administration’s immigration policies – will block the […]

Joe Biden and John Kerry met with Netanyahu’s political opponent this weekend, making Obama a liar…. AGAIN!

Photo, above: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, talks to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden prior to a meeting with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko during the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader) […]

LOL! Barrack Hussein is the most polarizing occupant of our White House EVER! Who does he blame? Rush, Fox News, and MSNBC

Obama Laments Media Polarization: You’ve Got ‘Fox/Limbaugh Folks’ and ‘MSNBC Folks’ From Andrew Kirell, Mediaite  President Barack Obama* thinks part of the reason American politics has become so polarized is because of the “balkanization” of the media., a viral […]

VIDEO: The shameless arrogance of a compulsive, delusional liar! Barrack Hussein claims credit for falling oil prices

By Thomas Madison Regarding falling oil prices a grinning Barrack Hussein told a crowd of listeners recently, “You’re welcome!” taking credit for the welcome reversal of skyrocketing oil prices the country has seen since he has been in the White […]