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Barack Hussein slaps Israel in the face one last time on his way out the door. Trump, Netanyahu, and Schumer take to Twitter to blast the worst president in US history

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter to voice their condemnation of Barack Hussein for his shameful slap in the face to Israel on his way out the door.

According to our source, BBC is not reporting rocket/missile attacks by Hamas against Israel, but is reporting Israel’s retaliatory attacks

It appears the BBC has been a bit unethical in its reporting of the perpetual conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

Latest Darwin Award candidate. Muslim attempts to stab two Israelis. Oops! Israelis have guns. Muslim croaks! Never bring a knife to a gunfight!

By Thomas Madison This Muslim moron attempted to stab the wrong people. The attack was in Jerusalem. The terrorist died of his wounds. H/T Clash Daily

Awesome! Saudis give Israel use of their airspace to bomb Iran. Coalition now includes Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE.

By Thomas Madison Such hopeful news! Just as predicted months ago by Powdered Wig, Israel has joined a coalition of Arab states to combat the growing Iranian nuclear crisis. This is what has been needed for a long, long time […]

In two separate attacks in just a few days, Palestinian terrorists murder four innocent Israeli civilians. Palestinian chairman justifies the murders

By Thomas Madison Mahmoud Abbas is on dog food! After Palestinian terrorists murder four innocent Israelis, Abbas claims “the Palestinian side did not attack and did not do anything against the Israelis.” Really? So, murdering innocent people is acceptable to […]

ISIS attacks Israel with rocket assault amid power struggle with Hamas. Israel responds, attacking Hamas. The Middle East murder-go-round

Photo, above: Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in Gaza. (Image source: ISIS YouTube video) By Thomas Madison Let me get this straight. ISIS and Hamas are locked in a power struggle for Gaza. ISIS assassinates a Hamas […]

VIDEO: Will Obama abandon Israel in the UN, leaving it helpless and forced to appease Hamas terrorists? Scary! Sign the petition

From Jay Sekulow, Fox News President Obama is angry with Israeli voters for re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu, and he’s willing to risk the lives and security of Israeli citizens to show it. The State Department is reportedly considering reversing the decades-long […]

Still refuse to believe that Obama is anti-Israel? His admin fails to renew 40-year old emergency oil supply pact guaranteeing them oil

By Thomas Madison In 1975 Israel agreed to sign the original agreement with the United States guaranteeing that the US would supply Israel with oil during emergency or wartime circumstances should oil not be available from their regular commercial sources. […]

Breaking! Israeli exit polls have Netanyahu with slim victory. Good for Israel! Good for America! Good for Earth!

Breaking News: Exit polls from Israel suggest a narrow lead for Netanyahu and Likud #IsraelElections — Lisa Daftari (@LisaDaftari) March 17, 2015 BREAKING Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declares victory in tight election via @AP — Yahoo News (@YahooNews) March […]

VIDEO: Jon Voight laying down some truth on Obama and his anti-Israel everything

By Thomas Madison Probably better known as the father of Angelina Jolie than being an accomplished, Oscar-winning actor himself, Jon Voight is also a staunch conservative and patriot. In this video he slams Obama for being the Israel-hating incompetent that […]

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