John Kerry is officially under investigation in the Trump dossier probe

Devin Nunes and his team of investigators want to know what John Kerry knew about the Trump dossier, when he knew it, and what his role was in acquiring and disseminating the salacious 35-page lie that the FBI presented to a FISA judge as evidence.

VIDEO: Diamond and Silk are back and letting you know what they think of Barack Hussein, John Kerry, and their shameful assault on Israel

Diamond and Silk became an internet sensation during the Republican primary and general election, stumping for Donald Trump from their youtube channel and often in person at Trump campaign rallies.

VIDEO: Secretary of State Frankenkerry declares that “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, it cannot be both”

To the very last day the arrogance of the Barack Hussein administration will ooze like pus from a horrible sore that seems like it will never heal.

Kerry’s daughter’s nonprofit failed big time, but daddy’s State Department paid her anyway

A nonprofit created and led by Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter failed to deliver on promises made in government contracts, but was still awarded millions of taxpayers dollars