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VIDEO: BOOM! ISIS jihadis on a hilltop meet Allah. 72 virgins coming up!

Watch as these jihadis, in search of companionship, meet Allah instead. Jihadi #1, on the right, never knows what hit him. Jihadi #2, on the left, heads for the hills as fast as he can but doesn’t have a chance.

This is how easy it is, Barack! Trump’s first month in office and already ISIS leader is admitting defeat, issuing a “farewell speech” to his goat humpers

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in Iraq and ordered militants to either flee or kill themselves in suicide attacks, it has been claimed.

Amazing video of Berkeley students supporting a guy waving an ISIS flag, but then going crazy when the same guy waves the Israeli flag

Speaking of Cal, Berkeley, the philosophical and academic center of the liberal world, and and the disgusting brain-dead products its faculty and administration are putting on the street, watch as Ami Horowitz waves the ISIS flag on campus while shouting […]

VIDEO: It’s that time of year – ISIS hunting season. Watch this instructive video on employing the newest IEG special ops tactics

Jihadis are very direct and don’t waste a lot of time getting to know their dates. There is no first, second, and third base. It’s “hi” and home run.

Hilarious video…. The Real Housewives of ISIS

Everyone knows about women’s rights, or rather the lack thereof, in the Islamic world, where women can’t drive or even be seen outside without a male relative.

Breaking video! Russian Ambassador to Turkey has been assasinated by a Turkish policeman shouting “allahu akbar” and “Do not forget Aleppo!”

Photo, above: Russian Ambassador to Turkey ¬†with his assassin behind him The Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been assassinated at an art exhibit in Ankara by an individual now identified as a Turkish police officer. The assassin, shouting, […]

Democrat House member confirms that the US is funding and arming terrorists in Syria, including ISIS, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra

I consider Tulsi a patriotic conservative. She is an Army officer in the Hawaii National Guard and has served two tours in Iraq, yet she is a Democrat. A Dino, if you will.

Barack Hussein has been spending a fortune in Syria to drop bombs on open desert instead of on ISIS. No wonder ISIS thinks we are morons

I doubt that anyone is surprised to hear that Barack Hussein has been ordering our military to bomb nothing but open desert in Syria for the past year.

VIDEO: More from the religion of peace. ISIS kills 250 children in dough kneader, burns adults alive

While we are distracted with the election, the World Series, and all the other wonderful blessings and benefits that liberty and prosperity provide in a free and capitalist society, not all is well in the rest of the world.

VIDEO: Just in time for hunting season. Get your ISIS hunting permit today!

In this episode of The ISIS Hunting Show we demonstrate the penetration sensitive, high explosive, anti-personnel goat AKA the IEG decoy.

CONFIRMED! German intelligence reports that ISIS death squads are intermixed amongst the Muslim refugees

German intelligence has confirmed that ISIS death squads are intermixed amongst the so-called refugees that are flooding Germany’s borders, as well as borders across Europe.

ISIS is dying and taking as many innocent souls with them as possible, in the most gruesome ways

ISIS appears to be on its last legs, and is wasting no time executing anyone and everyone they suspect of the slightest transgression. They even burned to death a two-year old girl.

VIDEO: It’s about damned time we started thinking like the enemy. Witness the state-of-the-art anti-ISIS IEG (Improvised Explosive Goat) technology

In this episode of The ISIS Hunting Show we demonstrate the penetration sensitive, high explosive, anti-personnel goat, AKA the IEG decoy.

This just in from the religion of peace…. 19 Yazidi women burned to death in a cage for refusing to sleep with ISIS apes

Nineteen Yazidi women were brutally executed last weekend in Mosul, Iraq, after refusing to have sex with their husbands – all members of ISIS.

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