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ISIS is dying and taking as many innocent souls with them as possible, in the most gruesome ways

ISIS appears to be on its last legs, and is wasting no time executing anyone and everyone they suspect of the slightest transgression. They even burned to death a two-year old girl.

VIDEO: It’s about damned time we started thinking like the enemy. Witness the state-of-the-art anti-ISIS IEG (Improvised Explosive Goat) technology

In this episode of The ISIS Hunting Show we demonstrate the penetration sensitive, high explosive, anti-personnel goat, AKA the IEG decoy.

This just in from the religion of peace…. 19 Yazidi women burned to death in a cage for refusing to sleep with ISIS apes

Nineteen Yazidi women were brutally executed last weekend in Mosul, Iraq, after refusing to have sex with their husbands – all members of ISIS.

ISIS savages invent new method of torture/murder, tying up and dunking 25 people in a large vat of nitric acid until their organs dissolve

ISIS, representing the religion of peace, has discovered a new method of torture, mass murder, and intimidation

VIDEO: Funny stuff! SNL skit. Shark Tank takes on ISIS…. and WINS!

Photos and Video: Yazidi women reveal the torture, rape, and humiliation they suffered at the hands of ISIS

Photo, above: Speaking out: 21-year-old Yazidi woman, Nadia Murad Basee Taha, described her experience of being an ISIS sex slave in front of the United Nations Security Council By Thomas Madison Rape. Humiliation. Torture. Even death. That is the life Yazidi […]

ISIS claims responsibility for San Bernardino. Like there was ever a doubt!

From Meg Wagner, New York Daily News NY Daily News ISIS terrorists took responsibility Saturday for the horrific shooting at a California office holiday party, which left 14 people dead. The Islamic State said the murderous couple — U.S.-born Syed […]

Eleven young Middle Eastern men (read: Muslim) arrested in two weeks crossing the Mexican border. I’m sure they are just aspiring cab drivers!

By Thomas Madison This is two stories in one. In the video, Arizona station ABC 15 reports of six “Middle Eastern” young men being apprehended two weeks ago crossing the Mexican border into Arizona. I had not heard about this […]

800,000 Syrian refugees in Europe are returning to Syria thanks to Vladimir Putin’s efforts to annihilate ISIS. Barack Hussein should take notes

By Tom Parfitt, Refugees plan to return to Syria following Russia’s airstrikes. In September Moscow launched a bombing campaign against the twisted State terror group, which controls vast swathes of Syria and has forced thousands of people to flee […]

ALERT: Anonymous uncovers ISIS plan to attack 7 cities tomorrow…. including this U.S. city

From Allen B. West It’s clear Islamic jihadists are on a rampage, with two major attacks in the past eight days and multiple others apparently narrowly averted. The Belgian capital of Brussels is currently on lockdown and at the highest […]

LOL! 10-year old boy sends a care package to our troops – his Halloween candy and a heartfelt letter: “Good luck on killing those ISIS f*cks.”

From Stephanie McNeal, BuzzFeed A 10-year-old boy’s heartfelt, profanity-laced letter he included in a care package he sent to members of the military has gone viral. Military wife Misty Allen-Brummett posted the letter from the child onto Facebook after […]

Good girl! Awesome video message from Emily Longworth to the goat-humping Muslim scum bent on killing innocent people. Watch ’til the end!

Dear ISIL; this message is for you. Game on. Posted by Emily Longworth on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Putin ain’t f**king ’round! Sending 150,000 more troops into Syria to take control of Raqqa (ISIS HQ) and wipe out the scum that is ISIS

From Jews News Vladimir Putin is preparing to send 150,000 troops to Syria in a bid to wipe out the evil Islamic State once and for all. The Russian leader is reportedly mounting an enormous military mission to take control […]

VIDEO: Russian jetliner crash in Sinai was almost certainly caused by an onboard bomb, which ISIS has claimed responsibility for planting From CNN The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai over the weekend was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate, according to […]

VIDEO: ISIS taking down a Russian jetliner over Egypt, killing all 244 souls on board. How long do we allow these cockroaches to operate?

Photo, above: ‘The burning plane’: ISIS yesterday released a video purporting to show the moment the burning Airbus A321 plummeted through the sky before hitting the ground. The horrific footage – which was posted online and cannot be verified by MailOnline […]

These young patriots will make you crow with pride. Watch as they cheer the burning of the ISIS flag. America’s next generation is solid!

From The College Fix COLUMBIA, Mo. – Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” echoed across the University of Missouri quad Thursday afternoon as a crowd of students cheered on a student who burned an ISIS flag in a symbolic gesture in response to […]

Scary! Smugglers are selling nuclear bomb-building material to ISIS and other terrorists on the black market

From AP, via Huffington Post CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) — In the backwaters of Eastern Europe, authorities working with the FBI have interrupted four attempts in the past five years by gangs with suspected Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive […]

The Russian Air Force has punted ISIS back to the Stone Age, destroying half of its fighting force. “ISIS so weakened it could be destroyed in hours”

By Thomas Madison Good on Vladimir Putin! The world needs a leader with a set of cojones. Doing what used to be expected of the United States, Putin and the Russian Air Force have stormed into Syria, and in just […]

The Russian Air Force is decimating ISIS in Syria. Meanwhile, the US Air Force bombed an Afghan hospital, killing a dozen civilians, including three children

By Thomas Madison Vladimir Putin and the Russian Air Force is decimating ISIS in Syria to protect the Jews and Christians who have been under continual attack by ISIS. For the past few days the Russian Air Force has conducted […]

50 spies charge that their intel reports were cooked to make it appear the US is winning the war against ISIS, which in reality we are losing

From The Daily Beast It’s being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk. More than 50 intelligence analysts working out […]

VIDEO: ISIS missile attack destroys Egyptian navy patrol boat in the Mediterranean

By Thomas Madison Print media reports are calling this a rocket attack by ISIS on an Egyptian Navy patrol boat. However, it is clearly a missile attack, the difference being that rockets are unguided and missiles, as in this direct […]

Barack Hussein has been denying the Kurds weapons to fight ISIS. Now he is taking credit for their recent victories over the terrorist group

By Thomas Madison Is there any limit to Barack Hussein’s delusional arrogance? The Kurds have been begging The One for weapons for years to fight ISIS. King Hussein has said “no” over and over. Now the Kurdish army (Peshmerga) is […]

ISIS kingpin publishes Pamela Geller’s home address, as New Hampshire man plans another Draw Muhammad contest

Photo, above: Pamela Geller, an anti-Muslim activist and creator of a draw Muhammad contest, had her address tweeted Friday by an alleged pro-Islamic jihadist. Reuters From Clark Mindock, International Business Times The personal address of an anti-Muslim activist was tweeted Friday […]

Obama on lack of ISIS strategy: “Waiting for the Pentagon to send finalized plans.” Pentagon: “What the f**k was that?!”

By Thomas Madison In classic Barack Hussein character, King Lucifer blamed the Pentagon for the ISIS scourge consuming Iraq. According to Fox News Barack Hussein said that he is still “waiting for the Pentagon to send him finalized plans,” to […]

ISIS attacks Israel with rocket assault amid power struggle with Hamas. Israel responds, attacking Hamas. The Middle East murder-go-round

Photo, above: Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, in Gaza. (Image source: ISIS YouTube video) By Thomas Madison Let me get this straight. ISIS and Hamas are locked in a power struggle for Gaza. ISIS assassinates a Hamas […]

Top Tajikistan Special Ops commander defects to ISIS, claims participation in assassination attempt on John Kerry, reported as bike accident

By Thomas Madison Two breaking stories in one. 1. US-trained Tajik Special Ops commander, Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, has defected to ISIS. 2. Khalimov participated in an assassination attempt on John Kerry on May 31, 2015 that has been reported as a […]

The ancient Roman amphitheater at Palmyra was once used for public executions. ISIS is renewing the horrific spectacle

From Oliver Lane, Breitbart A Roman-built ampitheatre has been used for the public execution of captured prisoners of war before an audience for the first time in perhaps 1,500 years, after ISIS forces captured the classical ruins at Palmyra last […]

Iran hates America, but loves our First Amendment, holding an ISIS cartoon contest, with over 1,000 images. Here are 9 of them

By Jenny Stanton, MailOnline Pens and pencils were the weapons of choice for artists taking part in an anti-Islamic State cartoon and caricature competition held in Iran. More than 1,000 images were submitted to Iran’s House of Cartoon competition and […]

More from the religion of peace. UN official: Woman burned alive by ISIS for refusing to perform “extreme sex act.”

By Jay Akbar and Simon Tomlinson, MailOnline A woman was burned alive by depraved Islamic State militants after she refused to take part in an ‘extreme sex act’, a United Nations official has revealed. Hundreds of women have been kidnapped by […]