By Thomas Madison

Two breaking stories in one.

1. US-trained Tajik Special Ops commander, Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, has defected to ISIS.

2. Khalimov participated in an assassination attempt on John Kerry on May 31, 2015 that has been reported as a bike accident.

The first story has been confirmed. Indeed the commander of Tajikistan’s Special Operations,┬áColonel Gulmurod Khalimov, has defected to ISIS. In a prepared statement, Kalimov said, “Listen, you American pigs, I will come with this weapon to your cities, to your homes, and we will kill you.”

The second story comes from Khalimov himself and has been corroborated by multiple news agencies, including Al Jazeera. Denying the media report that John Kerry had a bicycle accident, Khalimov claims to have been in a meeting with Kerry and he and other ISIS operatives attempted the assassination on Secretary Kerry. While I still consider this report to be unconfirmed, it is being reported by multiple news outlets.