Kudos to the Boston Police Department, which did a commendable job controlling Antifa, which still got away with plenty, but given the thousands who were there, had the Boston PD reacted like the Charlottesville PD, the event would have been even more chaotic and probably deadly. Likewise, kudos to the mayor of Boston who allowed Boston cops to do their job.

Following are just a few video captures and pics of the famous love and tolerance of the left, in particular, Antifa, which behaved in characteristic fashion, assaulting innocent people and hurling urine, bottles, and bricks at cops.

My God, woman, eat less!….

Leftist gets punched out for not being left enough and condemning white people….

Fake news CNN is claiming that Antifa seeks “peace.” Anyone shocked?…

Antifa assaulting cops because they believe they can….

More Antifa assault on cops….