Another weekend, another round of Antifa unsolicited violence against peaceful right-wing demonstrators. Even though right wing rallies were canceled in the Bay Area due to the anticipation of left wing anarchists showing up to create havoc and mayhem, Antifa terrorists showed up anyway and were able to find a few Trump supporters, who they chased and beat severely.

Police had issued a list of items (below) prohibited at a Berkeley event, which was very smart, as Antifa typically enjoys bringing baseball bats with nails in the end, 2 x 4s, bricks, balloons filled with urine, pepper spray, bike locks, among other dangerous items that can cause serious injury, even death. Also on the prohibited list was “dogs (except for service dogs).”

Watch this Antifa poster girl? get hauled off the field of terror. The leftist narrative is that she is being illegally arrested for having a service dog, which is unlikely since service dogs were permitted to attend. Maybe her “service dog” wasn’t a service dog at all and attacked someone or maybe she did something else to get her lawless ass arrested.

Listen as she berates the police officers who have arrested her. “Fuck you, pigs” and “I need my fucking service animal!” she screams while being hauled off.