Students at the University of Washington held a “Patriot Prayer Rally” Saturday calling for peace and unity. The rally was disrupted by violent leftists who clashed with police, many being arrested.

AP refers to the leftists as “counter-protesters” in an apparent attempt to make the lawless scum appear equivalent with those who went there to only to pray. The leftists were not “counter-protesters” as the young patriots were there only to pray, not protest.

AP – “Police took into custody several people at a student Republican event at the University of Washington on Saturday that drew counter-protesters. The Seattle Police Department assigned extra officers to support university police.”

What kind of Godless trash protests a prayer rally? The kind of trash who still don’t get it. The kind of trash who still support Democrats despite the near-daily revelations of criminal corruption and conspiracy. The kind of trash funded by Soros groups to foment hate and anger, promoting Marxist fascism.