Leftist goons protest outside White House, declare they would kill President Trump if given the chance. When is Sessions going to prosecute these thugs?

The threats of physical harm to the President of the United States, and especially the threats of murdering the President, should be dealt with harshly. Otherwise, the violent rhetoric from the left will continue to ratchet up until someone is in fact killed.

Three Democrat US congressmen among ten arrested outside Trump Tower during protest. They are mad because Trump

Ten liberal weenies were arrested Tuesday outside Trump Tower during a protest. Three of them were United States congressmen who somehow believe that United States law should not apply to those entering our country illegally, that they should be exempt from the law. 

College student exposes prof’s hateful rants against President Trump: “F**k Donald Trump,” and “F**k ANYONE who voted for Donald Trump.”

“These statements made by the professor are not only wildly inappropriate, they are deeply concerning,” he told Campus Reform. “How can you honestly believe all Trump supporters belong in the KKK? How can you say f*ck you to all Trump supporters, including your students?”