“That’s right, I’m the smartest hero Antifa ever put on the street. I got my gas mask, so cops don’t worry me with their tear gas. I’m the baddest Antifa goon alive!”

Then you should have been smart enough to wear a cup, even though with most Antifa apes, that is hardly necessary. Mr. Antifa starts out throwing something or doing some sort of gay dance move, I can’t tell which. Then he goes full frontal, facing the cops. “I ain’t skeered of your tear gas.”

BOOM! He gets nailed in the nuts by a police pepper ball. Fetal position. “Oh, dear Jesus, help me. Soros, this is going to cost you extra. I love Trump. I swear! Someone help me. I can’t see. I can’t walk. Oh, dear God, take me now!” Then, when you think Karma couldn’t get any sweeter, the incapacitated Antifa goon is dragged off the field of battle by a fellow loser in a Colin Kaepernick jersey. LOL!

I don’t know who the officer is who fired the pepper ball, but he deserves a marksmanship medal.

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