I have been waiting to comment on Saturday’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia because it seems that no matter what things look like up front, details tend to emerge that reshape the story.

Of course, Saturday’s tragedy was horrific. No one wants this to happen. So far, it appears that a man in a car ran into a group of leftist protesters. It certainly appears to be deliberate, but I have heard nothing thus far of the alleged assailant’s motive.

The knee-jerk narrative on the left, of course, and that includes most of the mainstream media, is already that Charlottesville was another case of right wing intolerant racists out to force their ideology down the throats of wonderful, innocent leftists, and because the leftists weren’t allowing it, a right-wing, fascist, sexit, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic Nazi decided to kill and maim those who were only there to peacefully protest fascism and racism. The leftist media is also doing all it can to tie President Trump to this.

However, it is now being reported that the leftist protesters assaulted the “permitted” right wing activists and chased them out of the area, the police not interfering at all.

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My first question so far is how long did the leftists believe it would take before patriots fought back?

Since Donald Trump became the Republican candidate for President, there have been numerous accounts of Antifa and other leftists physically assaulting Trump supporters. It is only getting worse. One nutjob with a rifle shot a Republican congressman and several staffers out of pure hatred.

There have been many incidents of Trump supporters being spit on, egged, beaten and bloodied. In most cases, the police were ordered to stand down and allow it to happen. But, you don’t hear much about that. It doesn’t fit the liberal media narrative, which is where the majority of news comes from.

Watch the video, below. It is painting quite a different picture of the Charlottesville tragedy than the picture the media is broadcasting 24/7. This video is objective and was shot on-site with no editing. I explain, after the video, the steps I believe are necessary to prevent these tragic events from happening.


So, how to stop the violence?

It isn’t rocket science. Police must be onsite in large numbers at these events, in the midst of the participants, and enforcing the law. Any physical confrontation taking place must be stopped immediately, the perpetrators arrested and charged with assault. Anything looking like a confrontation must be dealt with immediately. Protesters must understand that screaming threats in another person’s face is NOT free speech. They either stop or they are arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. These rules should be explained to participants from the start.

If mayors or anyone else in the law enforcement chain of command are telling police to stand down and allow the violence to occur or to allow protests by leftists but not by right wing activists/protesters, then DOJ should be investigating those incidents and charging and trying those responsible for issuing the orders. Law enforcement officers must remember that they have a responsibility to their communities and to the United States Constitution, NOT a mayor. If a mayor or anyone else issues an unlawful order, law enforcement officers have a duty to not follow it. Likewise, if they see a violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and/or to assembly, they have a sworn duty to stop it.

Additionally, I believe George Soros should be investigated and charged with seditious conspiracy. I believe there is enough public evidence to charge and convict him. (Soros is a REAL Nazi!) Then freeze his assets and dismantle his anti-American organizations. I wonder how much violence would disappear without Soros’ funding.

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While President Trump is imploring America to stop the violence, I’m afraid it won’t happen until he steps in.